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USWNT Push for Equal Pay

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USWNT: "It's our 'responsibility' 'to push for equal pay'

This morning at the gym, I was warming up on the bike watching the Today Show when some of my favorite people appeared on the screen! Becky Sauerbrunn, Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo and Alex Morgan, along with their attorney were chatting with Matt Lauer. I quickly plugged my headphones in just in time to hear why these players were on. Yesterday, several USWNT players accused the U.S Soccer Federation of wage discrimination in an action filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

It was crazy to hear that when the players allegedly reached out to the U.S. Soccer federation about being treated equal to the men the USSF responded saying 'they (USWNT players) were being irrational'...I'M SORRY, WHAT!? It shocks and saddens me that this day in age this is still an issue and that a federation as well-respected as the USSF makes disrespectful comments like this. 

The attorney representing these players said that for 2015 the women generated $19 million dollars for the USSF while the Men's team lost $2 million

When Matt Lauer asked the players if they would be willing to boycott games the players didn't give an answer of whether they would do so or not. We hope that the USSF steps up and begins to appreciate them and it doesn't get to this point! SGP, like many USWNT fans, hope the players will now be treated equal and we continue to watch them kill it on the field! 


Alanna Locast

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