You Might Have A Soccer Mom If....

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 1. She drives a mini-van OR a large truck with bucket seats and a full back row

She is a PRO at packing a cooler AKA Orange Slice Heaven 


 3. She is the Queen of Carpooling

4. At games, she shouts things with 0% accuracy...though to give her credit, it is with 100% effort.

4. She not only owns all of your school and team apparel but she hoards all of your memorabilia, too. 

5. She acts as a second alarm clock, reassuring you get to practice and games on time.

6. She has a clan of other equally, crazy soccer moms.

7. She likes to show up 30 minutes before game time to watch you warm up, (including finding the best parking spot for cheering from the car) 


8. She always makes sure you have a hearty pre and post game meal

9. She dedicates all of her free weekends to driving you to away tournaments.

10. She lathers you in sunscreen SPF 50.

11. She includes any out of state games and tournaments as "FAMILY VACATIONS".

12. She is your #1 fan and supporter.


Now watch this hilarious video with your soccer mom!

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