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Hey ya'll! So I was heading to the Cayman Islands for vacation with my family and was a little stressed out about not being able to go to my usual physical therapy appointments. Turns out it could not have been better timing because I was allowed to start aqua jogging this week. I did it once in the pool (shout out to my local YMCA) before I left and then while on vacation I went right in the ocean to jog. Once I was comfortable with the emotion I would go against the current to make it even more challenging. Who said physical therapy can't be fun!?! 
I am beginning to exercise on the elliptical and stair stepper too (light resistance and short amounts of time) so I could use the machines at the hotel along with my trusty resistance bands. I worried for weeks I wouldn't be able to workout while on vacation and it all worked out- my advice don't stress out about recovery and working out every day exactly how you plan, things pop up you need to have an open mind and improvise! 
It was a quick turn around I flew back in to New York and headed right back out to Teax with SGP. We headed to Texas to the Nike Innovation at the Michael Johnson Performance Center. While the other two gals worked out and trained, I was able to meet and work with team of extremly high qualified and experienced physical therapists who focus on working with athletes at the highest level. One of which I will be working one on one with for the next eight weeks courtesy of the Nike Innovation program we are participating in! 


Alanna Locast

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