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ACL Vlog 8

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ACL Vlog 8

Team SGP was in LA this week for an amazing Adidas event featuring the new Adidas boots (so soft they felt like butter on our feet-highly recommend). Again I had to use my resources to get in the physical therapy that I needed. We were staying right on the beach in Venice so we went to the sand to get our workouts in! The sand is a great place for rehab at this point in my journey because a lot of the exercises I am doing focus on instability

I even got to get my first "hike" in on the short trip. I say "hike" because it was really more of a paved trail but it had some pretty steep inclines. Lucky for me I have been walking on incline on the treadmill so I was up for the challenge. It felt like another step (no pun intended) in the right direction. 

I still have a slight numbness in my left shin which is weird but isn't out of the norm. My physical therapist said that over time this will go away as the body continues to recuperate. It makes me realize that although my knee is feeling great, I need to understand that there are still limits to what I can do -nothing would be worse than re-injuring it now!



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