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Hello again, fitness freaks and fitness haters! IT'S FRIDAY!  End your week right. Get off your ass, grab your sneakers/cleats/ball & go get better..cause if you don't, someone else will. You're given 24 hours each day. Make them worth it.

Here is our second installment of Just Sweat It: Fitness Challenge numero dos.  While the previous fitness challenge focused a lot on change of direction (both laterally and linearly) this one will focus on 2 aspects of fitness; Long sprint endurance and body weight plyometrics.

So c'mon, this should only take approximately 40 minutes total, aka the amount of time you daily stalk Alex Morgan's Instagram (don't deny it, we all do). 


This work-out is called Crazy Eights, and you will be using the lines of the soccer field as your measurements.


You will start out at the bottom right corner of the soccer field. You will be moving at THREE speeds.

1: Full Sprint to the opposite corner of the field (approximately 140 yard sprint)
2: Once you reach the opposite corner, jog along the end line of the field until you reach halfway past the goal
3: Walk the rest of the distance to the other corner
4: Once you reach the corner, you will perform another full sprint to the opposite corner of the field
5: Once you reach the opposite corner, jog along the end line again until you reach halfway past the goal
6: Walk the rest of the distance to the corner that you initially started at




Each repetition should take about 2 minutes or so.

IMMEDIATELY after each repetition, you will perform the plyometric/circuit pattern below as fast as you can. (watch the video below for how to correctly perform each exercise.)


8 body weight jump squats
8 burpees
8 split jumps for height
8 push ups

(Your legs will be a little woozy after the sprints, so this quick little circuit should be killer if done immediately after the rep is finished)



Then, yes, just what you wanted, REST.  2 full minutes.


You will perform this figure-8 sprint pattern a total of 6 TIMES.


Ok, so just to recap...
You are doing ONE figure-8 pattern consisting of the two 140 yard full sprints.  Immediately after you get back to your starting position, you will do the mini-plyo circuit above as fast as you can. Upon finishing this little circuit, you get a full 2 minutes rest before the next repetition.  6 FULL ROUNDS of this, and SHABAM, all done :)
Comment below us know how it goes or if you have an questions! 




"The first step in achieving your goal is to take a moment to respect your goal.

Know what it truly means to you to achieve it."


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