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Fitness Challenge 3

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Here we are, back at the grind! This next fitness challenge focuses on AGILITY....more specifically; quick footwork, staying light on your feet, and explosiveness in short-burst sprints. 


All you need is a turf field with lines, or any field and 4 cones (there will be a starting line and then 3 of them set up 5 yards apart from each other and then one 15 yards away, all in a straight line). Oh....and make sure you wear CLEATS (let's try to avoid face-planting at all costs)

Don't forget, you will have one starting line that you will return to after every rep.


Types of footwork: (This is your new version of dance moves because you definitely can't go out tomorrow night)... (You can view the video below to see how each type of footwork is performed)

1: Switches- One foot in front of the line, one foot behind. Pick up your feet and switch them at the SAME time so that the other foot lands in front of the line, and the other one behind the line.

2: Front-To-Back- Both feet start behind the line. You will step one foot over the line, then the other foot over the line. Then one foot back behind the line, then the other foot.  You are essentially stepping over and back the line one foot at a time.

3: Side-To-Side- Facing sideways, keeping both feet together, laterally hop left and right over the line.

4: Lateral Cross-Overs- Facing sideways, one foot will be on the left of the line, the other foot will be on the right of the line. Cross the feet over each other and then return to starting position for each rep. (the video will help to show this one)


Here's the pattern:

Sprint or shuffle (depending on the type of line footwork) up 5 yards
10 reps of the chosen footwork at the first cone (SEE OPTIONS BELOW)
Sprint/shuffle up 5 more yards to the 2nd cone
10 more repetitions of the same footwork at the 2nd cone
Sprint/shuffle up 5 more yards to the 3rd cone
10 more repetitions at the 3rd cone
Max speed sprint 15 yards through the last cone
(***Make sure you end as explosively and as fast as possible)


After you sprint through the finish line, turn around and walk back to the start.  The walk back will be your rest before the next turn (Enjoy every second of it ;)).


You will perform 2-4 REPETITIONS (depending on your level of fitness) 
of each of the 4 TYPES of footwork = 16 TOTAL REPETITIONS

For the side-to-side and lateral cross-over footwork patterns, you will be shuffling instead of sprinting, and you will perform one rep facing one direction, and the second rep facing the other direction.




1. Make sure you are picking up your feet! Do not glide your feet along the ground or drag them. Feet should clear the grass/turf as they move. DON'T BE LAZY :)

2. Make sure you come out of the footwork as explosively as possible. That 5 yard sprint in-between each line/cone is imperative to training fast acceleration and fast decellaration techniques. It should not be a casual jog. 

3. Make sure that you are staying light on your feet. No heavy stomping or thumping. The purpose of this is to make yourself constantly aware of staying light on your feet, despite the fact that your legs are feeling tired or heavy. (No grunting, complaining or swearing. We are classy ladies. Okay, maybe just a little bit...)


PURPOSE (No one enjoys doing pointless crap, are we right?):

This drill transfers over to what we do during a soccer game due to the constant changes in speed and types of movement. Throughout a game, players are constantly transferring from powerful/sprint type movements, to agile/more precise movements (for example, when sprinting full speed to catch up to a thru ball, and then putting on the breaks to do light footwork with the ball to get around defenders.


There you have it, your latest fitness challenge from SoccerGrlProbs. Feel the burn & enjoy! (that means it's working!)



Shannon Fay

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