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Oats & Fruit Jar

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Oatmeal is one of our FAVORITE things in the entire world (It is something to look forward to in the morning before practice). We love everything about it: the texture, the smell, the taste, the way it fills us up so we don't eat a bag of Doritos immediately after (most of the time). Instant oatmeal is nice when you are in a rush but if you have an extra FIVE minutes, go gourmet and have stove cooked oats. This morning, we were feeling crafty and decided to layer our oats, fruits, nuts and extras in a mason jar (because let's be real, do it for the Instagram #MasonJar). The image below shows what we put in our stove cooked oats this morning. However, feel free to add in/take out whatever you want! For example, if you have a banana, vanilla extract, shredded coconut or some peanut butter, toss it in! THE MASON JAR IS YOUR OYSTER



 Irish Style Oats (Any Steel Cut Oats) 

Chia Seeds 

Cinnamon or Agave nectar





    1) Boil water, let it simmer and then add the oats in (Follow the directions on the oatmeal can for amount of water and oats).

    2) Stir every so often and while this is cooking (takes about 5-7 minutes)

    3) While that is cooking, cut up the strawberries, deseed the pomegranate, chop the walnuts. Easiest way to get the seeds from a pomegranate (without getting red juice all over your clothes):

    a. Cut into four sections.

    b. Fill a bowl halfway with cold water

    c. Put in one piece at a time and scrape the seeds out with your hand

    d. Once you are finished doing all four pieces, drain the water

    BAM, you did it

    4) When the oatmeal is done, let it cool and then layer oats first, then chia seeds second, third fruit and then nuts.
    5) Do this layering process twice and add cinnamon or agave on top.
    6) Eat it in front of your friends and make them realize what a CHEF you are.
    STAY TUNED for a Paleo Thanksgiving dessert :)
    (We promise you won't feel guilty afterwards...plus coach will be pretty pleased.)


    Shannon Fay

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