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With hundreds of collegiate teams across the country, it is truly an EXCEPTIONAL accomplishment to make it to the Final Four of the NCAA tournament. Last year UCLA clinched the Champion title over FSU with a 1-0 win, Kodi Lavrusky Hit the back of the net in the 97th minute of the game. This year making it to the Final Four, Virginia will be facing off against Texas A&M and Stamford versus FSU. To get a little background for Friday's semi-final games, we asked the players about the tournament, their team and a few of their favorite things.. 

Jane Campbell, Stanford

We asked Jane about the game Friday against FSU. She responded, "I think it'll be a really good match up. They're a really solid team and they've had a great year and were excited to play them." Regarding playing at Stanford she said," I love the team. I wouldn't want to be playing with anyone else."

Favorite Movie: Miracle

Favorite Player: Messi 

Cleats or Heels? Cleats for sure (with studs..makes it sound like you're wearing heels haha)

Chipotle or Panera?: CHIPOTLE

Chioma Ubogagu, Stanford

Chi also told us about how she feels about FSU, "They're a great team. It's not an easy feat making it to the College Cup as many times as they have. They have a great back line, and I'm looking forward to competing against it."

Favorite Movie: You're asking a film major for only 1 movie!? Idk!

Favorite Player: Thierry Henry

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle (Likely answer....we respect that)

Megan Campbell, FSU

Megan talked about her team's play in the elite eight and next match. She mentioned, "I thought the last game went very well for us scoring 5 goals and conceding none. It was also a game which showed great depth in our team." She added respectfully, "I think our confidence is high going into the semi final. We know not to underestimate Stanford, as they are a great side ALSO looking to get to the final." Megan told us what she thinks her team needs to do..which is bring their A game and "be prepared for anything I feel as though we are ready! This year is definitely the best team I've played with! We are very complete as a team with little to no weak."

Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games

Favorite Player: Sergio Ramos

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle

Shea Groom, TAMU

We asked her about her experience playing at TAMU and she responded "I play at the best university with the best fans in the country." She genuinely added, "It's been a crazy ride and I wouldn't change it for the world. So thankful for the opportunity to continue to write history with the best teammates around."

Favorite Movie: 13 Going On 30 (Great flick..)

Favorite Player: Raheem Sterling of Liverpool.

Cleats or Heels?: I love a cute pair of heels.

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle, no doubt (<--bring that confidence on Friday)

Stephanie Amack, Stanford

We asked her how the team is feeling about their next match and she said, "We are ecstatic about Friday and cannot wait to get the game started, it's an honor to be here and we can't wait to seize it!"

Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

Favorite Player: Gotta say classic Messi

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats

Chipotle or Panera?:  Unfair question. Chipotle every post game and Panera every pregame. (GREAT answer, A+)

Andi Sullivan, Stanford

Andi gave us her feelings on the tournament saying, "All the teams in the final four this year are phenomenal. The tournament has been so competitive. Any team is good enough to win. As cheesy as it sounds, for Friday it's about believing in your team. Believe you are going to win and prove that belief on the field. My favorite part of the year had been getting to know my teammates. They're such amazing and fun people." 

Cleats or a Heels?: Cleats for sure. I can't survive in any high heels for more than 15 minutes.

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle over Panera. I love breakfast at Panera, but burritos for all other occasions.

Favorite movie: Remember the Titans. Definitely going to watch it before game time.

Kelley monogue, TAMU

"We are really excited to play Virginia on Friday. We have 9 seniors, so being able to play at home for the tournament. was amazing, we have the best fans in the country. The 12th man really pushed us and we want to win it for them and for our university."

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle

Favorite movie: All the Harry Potters haha and Wayne Rooney

Bianca Brinson, TAMU

Bianca said that "The 2 words our team base a lot of stuff off of is Trust & Love!" And that, "key to winning the next game: Just being us, and playing Texas A&M style soccer.

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats 

Chipotle or Panera?: Chipotle is my life

Favorite Show: Scandal

Annie Kunz, TAMU

Annie on the next game and her team's comradery: "I think it's essential to focus on us in this next game and fight with everything we have because when you get to this point in the tourney. Everyone is extremely talented and it can just come down to who wants it more and believes more in each other! I love how much we trust and love each other On and off the field. Those two things have been a focus for us this year." She added, "I also love how much fun we have with each other and how we treat and expect the same amount from everyone doesn't matter if you're a freshman or senior.

Cleats or Heels?: Cleats lol I'm already tall so I don't need any extra help with heels

Chipotle or Panera?: Panera

Favorite Movie: Bridesmaids 

Favorite Player: Messi  

Tune in on Friday to ESPNU to watch the Semi Finals!

Good luck to all the teams playing!

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