How to Keep off the Holiday Weight Gain

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The Holiday's are a time of decorating, gift giving, get together's and most importantly surrounding ourselves with FOOD. Food is one of our favorite things...... and during the Holiday's there are more "naughty" things in front of us than "nice" (endless hore d'ouvres, sugary drinks, fatty foods, home-made cookies and more). As athletes, we are the first to say that we can treat ourselves BUT we must also keep in mind that we should be nutritionally conscious as well. A lot of our fans have been reaching out for advice on how to keep off that "Holiday 15"....So here are some tips & tricks :)


Avoid Binge Eating

Yes, we have all done this.. nibbling on a celery stick all day so that we don't feel as guilty for indulging that night for a party. When you finally get to eat you end up having everything in your SIGHT! Bingeing is a huge NO-NO. Instead, eat small healthy portions all day so you aren't starving when you get to the party.
TIP: Drink 1 or 2 tall glasses of seltzer before any event, party or get together you attend. That way, your stomach makes you feel fuller and you won't feel the desire to overeat (Don't get us wrong.....enjoy yourself but maybe you won't eat that extra candy bar or piece of pie!)



Two-Plate Strategy

When you are at any holiday event, try the two-plate strategy. You will find this to be extremely successful if you do not want to OVEREAT!
TIP: When you get your first plate, LOAD up on veggies (Steal some fruit from the dessert section also if you see it). This will help you make wiser decisions for your second plate where you can have fewer "bad but absolutely delicious" options. 


Take Your Time

As athletes, we have a tendency to crave LARGE amounts of food after full 90 minute games or intense practices and workouts (There is nothing wrong with this!). However, we do tend to overeat and eat less healthier because of these cravings.

TIP: Try and control that craving by eating slower. Take tinier bites and chew your food at a slower pace as well. That way you can give your body and brain time to register that it is feeling FULL. Sometimes when we eat too quickly, we are already on our third plate of food when our body finally realizes "STOP! I'm going to EXPLODE".


'Treat Yo Self' 

If you never treat yo' self, you will eventually CRASH (AKA eat a tub of ice cream on the couch followed by a bag of Doritos and possibly a candy bar).

TIP: (Easiest one yet...) Treat yo' self to a holiday cookie when someone offers or a hot chocolate at Starbuck's. Ladies, you know you will "run it off later" don't dwell on treating yourself every once in a while.  


Portion Control 

Portion Control is key year round but ESPECIALLY during the Holiday Season. If you are out to dinner, chances are the portions they give you are worth way more than ONE meal. 

TIP: Cut the plate in half and ask for a To-Go box before you eat. That way you can control yourself (and even better you have a lunch for the next day).  


We hope this helps and ENJOY the HOLIDAYS!




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