What Coach Expects Over Winter Break vs. What You Actually Do

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Ahhh, sweet...sweet gentle Winter Break.  Also known as "The short and precious amount of time where athletes finally get a little bit of this rare thing called FREEDOM from our sport" Break. No more being told when to set an alarm, which workouts we have to do or when we have to practice. But HEY Now... let's not get too carried away with the word 'freedom'.  We can all agree that there is an unspoken pact between a coach and their players. We all leave with the same idea in mind on how winter break will (should) go...but sometimes things end up just a taddddd bit different than what coach is expecting......


Welcome to the world of:

"What Coach Expects Over Winter Break vs. What You Actually Do" 


1. Kicking ASS on the treadmill....nothing lower than speed 12.

But unfortunately you are...


2. Coach thinks you are eating HEALTHY to get you ready for post-season fitness 

But unfortunately that's not happening...


3. Coach is expecting you to get touches on the ball every CHANCE you can get

Meanwhile...c''re WAY too busy for that


 4. Coach wants everyone HYDRATING every single day

But really you're like....


5. He is expecting you to RISE and GRIND in the weight room section at least 3x a week

But you slept in WAY too long so you're wayyyy too tired for that!

Okay, girls...It's time. Finish up those last fifteen holiday cookies, wipe the crumbs off your face, get those cleats on and get back on the grind... Because you know just as well as we know, there's no such thing as an "OFF SEASON".



  • angel mastin posted on January 04 2015 at 01:01 AM

    #jealous because SGP got to meet the USA women’s national team. love your vids and everything that you do. #yourtofunny

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