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Most of you probably think at least once a day "Does anyone else have this problem!?" The answer is YES. All those weird things that you think no one else on earth has to deal with...we promise, you are not alone! Soccer girls are special and rare creatures.  We are blessed with playing the best sport in the world, but with the love of the game comes some major problems...

1. The Obvious Problem: JEANS

It's a hate, hate relationship. We will never like them and they will mock our muscular thighs and little waists for eternity. But the jokes on them because we found sweatpants and leggings and they will never let us down. 



2. Sweat City

We sweat an absurd amount when we play and work out which just proves how hard we work. That’s not the problem. THE ISSUE is that we also continue to sweat everywhere else, regardless of whether we are doing an activity or simply sitting . We have all made the brutal mistake of wearing a grey shirt to class and regret it immediately (However, manage to continue to do it).

3. Make up

We were born without the gift of knowing how to apply make up. It somehow is not in our DNA.  While every other girl can copy a Pinterest "eagle in the sunset" eyeliner design....we can barely cover our eyebrow scar (from soccer) with concealer. Btw....what is concealer again?


 4. Heels

Hate them. A male must have invented these horrible contraptions because nothing about squeezing your feet and walking on little toothpicks of support for hours makes any SENSE. Most girls can pull them off when "socially" neccessary. We however, CANNOT! We look like a baby foe walking for the first time and the pain is excruciating even with our calloused support. Oh, and did we mention our muscular calves!? I will opt for flats any day. 

5. Our "Wardrobe"

This consists of mostly t-shirts, let’s be honest. Trying to find something nice to wear is nearly impossible and quite the process. We wear so many t-shirts and sweats.....we have to go to the back of the closet to find actual "real people" clothes. And when we do, we can't decide what to put on.


6. Our Non-Existent Social Life

 With school, practice, games, working out, sleeping and eating we have NO TIME. If we DO have a spare moment we are too exhausted to socialize. Face it... the extent of our 'going out' is going to get fro-yo with our team after practice. If you really think about it though, we have more fun than most people our age at practice joking with our teammates, going to away tournaments and annoying our coaches (So who cares if we can't go out all the time?).

So there you have it......we talked about 6 problems that soccer girls experience every single day. But guess what, we would NEVER trade being this way for ANYTHING else (And we think you can agree too). Own it girls.


  • qdalgquqkj posted on November 11 2020 at 01:11 PM

    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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