Top 5 Things Coach Should Never See

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Coach sees you every day (that's 30+ hours a week). He sees you at your worst & at your best. He sees you cry, he's heard you curse & he's seen the way you act socially with your team friends. Considering all the time you spend with your teammates, how can he not? Out of all the things he DOES see - we think It's safe to say that there are things in life that coach should NEVER see. Therefore, we are here to help you take note, avoid embarrassment & spare yourself the punishment (suicide sprints).


1. Drinking soda. Why put yourself through that hell? Physically & emotionally? Just sneak it in the cafeteria like the rest of us do.


2. Taking an extra cupcake at the tailgate... Here at SoccerGrlProbs, we highly encourage it, however, just make sure coach doesn't have his eyes on you (he'll bring it up in your assessment meeting knowing the exact date and the exact home game tailgate that this crime was committed). 

 3. Pictures of partying with your team on Facebook. We know you have a social life and you certainly should. However, aways follow the Golden Rule - Don't put anything on social media that you wouldn't want your Grandmother to see (We know that's a good rule, learn from our mistakes people). 

4. Cutting corners on sprints. Literally and figuratively, you don't want your coach to ever see you "cutting corners". Coaches want players who will go above & beyond what's expected, so JUST DO IT


5. Talking Smack. We have all had negative thoughts about something our Coach did at some point.. just don't say it out loud! Gossip never ends up being a good thing - it's just going to cause problems with you, coach or the team. Write it down in your diary and zip ya lips! (or just vent to Mom, you'll always be "right"). 



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