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Fitness Challenge 4: 10-to-1 Circuit

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What's gucci ladies!? Here's the latest fitness challenge! Winter for most us means cold weather and snotcicles forming from our nose (so running outside is just NOT happening). Therefore, we've come up with another little circuit that you can do indoors at the gym or even in your own home!

A 10-to-1 circuit let's you know the rep scheme of the workout.  There will be a list of FOUR exercises, and you will perform 10 repetitions of every exercise, than 9 of every exercise, then 8, then 7, etc., etc. You will try to keep a good, fast pace going so you are challenging yourself with minimal rest.

Sounds easy right? It does have small numbers and is nice & quick, but if you push yourself, even the small reps at the end become difficult!

THE FOUR EXERCISE: (The video below will help demonstrate each exercise too!)

1: PLANK-UPS: Alternating between each side, you will go from a plank position to a push up position and then back to plank position (going from forearms to hands and back to forearms will count as ONE rep.)  Don't forget to keep a straight plank position the entire time and the core tightened. 

2: DIPS: This is a triceps workout, using a box, chair or ledge. Hands will be placed on the surface you're using, fingers facing forward towards your feet, legs out in front of you.  You will lower your body down, slowing bending your arms at the elbows until the upper arm is parallel with the floor.  Once you are low enough, use the triceps to extend the arm at the elbow and lift yourself back up.

3: STEP-UPS: Alternating which leg you're stepping up with, firmly plant your foot on a step or box that you are stepping up on.  Step up with that leg, driving upwards to step up on top of the box and then back down.

4: WALL BALLS: Using a medicine ball of appropriate weight, stand arms-distance away from the wall.  Hold the medicine ball up at chest height and never let the ball drop below this point.  Squat holding the ball, then stand up out of the squat and throw the ball up to the wall. As the ball comes down off the wall, catch the ball and lower yourself back into a squat.  This is meant to be a fluid and smooth controlled movement!

^For this workout, we used the Pump Up App on our phone to track the circuit that we did. Pump Up App is a positive & inspiring community that helps people live happier & healthier lives (NO judgement zone!). It is really cool because you can share photos of your workouts, food recipes & progress with your friends & family on social media.

How do you use it for your workouts & sports you ask? You simply log your workouts by choosing what activity you did (soccer, swimming, running, weight lifting, etc), the duration, the intensity and calories burned. It is a great way to keep track of your activity and share it with your teammates & friends. Check it out....


Shannon Fay

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