The Kenya Soccer Queens

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The Soccer Queens in Kenya, Africa


"The Soccer Queens was started in November 2010 with the goal of empowering young women through sports, and our dream is to inspire change by promoting human rights and reducing poverty, while having fun in the process."

Amos Kimani is the coach of a soccer team called Soccer Queens, located in the heart of the Dagoretti District of NairobiAfrica. His team helps community girls stay motivated to attend school and further their education while playing soccer. Majority of the players come from difficult backgrounds, making them particularly vulnerable to the everyday dangers posed by poverty, unemployment, and lack of parental care. The amazing part about the Soccer Queens squad, is that it is a place where the girls can be themselves when they feel like they have no where else to go. Coach Amos welcomes all different types of players, from national team players to high school players, to come be apart of something greater. The team gives the girls opportunities to obtain scholarships to different schools, helping them receive an education that they may never have had the chance to afford. 

SoccerGrlProbs & the Soccer Queens share the goal of empowering young women through sports. Their dream is to inspire change by promoting human rights and reducing poverty, while having fun in the process.

To help his team out, we felt that SoccerGrlProbs LLC, Fairfield University Women's Soccer team and the Soccer Queens could motivate and influence each other through social media sites. We set up a pen-pal Facebook page, where everyone can connect with one another sharing our passion for the soccer. Fairfield U's Women's soccer senior Sarah Gerali commented "We are all very excited to begin a friendship with the Soccer Queens. The soccer knowledge we can learn from each other while discussing our own personal experiences is such a unique thing that not every team gets to have." They could post updates about their team, practices, feelings, etc.. It is an amazing way to influence each other to become better students, soccer players and teammates. 

In addition, we are raising awareness about donating cleats, shin guards, shorts, T-shirts or sneakers to the Soccer Queens. They are not as fortunate as others and would appreciate all the support that they can get. Sometimes we do not realize how fortunate we are to have uniforms or gear to wear while playing. If you are interested in sending in old gear to donate, please feel free to contact us at

To learn more about the Soccer Queens, here is a video describing their team, values & challenges which we hope to help overcome! Everyone soccer player should have the opportunity to pursue something they love!


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