Married To The Game: Valentine's Day Edition

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Hi Ladies!  It's that pointless time of the year again: Valentine's Day. Everyone's NARP friends are off on romantic dates with their hot significant others & here we are...sweatpants and all, alone with no one to hold but the heart-shaped box of chocolates we bought at CVS & mailed to ourselves (Sorry, we're not sorry).   

 Some of the benefits of being a soccer girl on Valentine's Day you ask?  
1) Soccer is the perfect excuse! Now when everyone asks you what your Valentine's Day Plans are, you don't have to be sad that you have nothing to do because you're single. SOCCER! Yes, THAT'S the reason you don't have a hot date!
2) CHOCOLATE. Let's be honest, we don't really want some dainty little box that has 6 chocolates in it. I'm going to CVS and getting the mega bag and not feeling the slightest bit guilty about it.
3) Why dress up, when you can dress down?  If you want to break out the classy sweatpants, go for it. But when the only person you have to impress is yourself, treat yo self and get comfy :)
4)  Who needs a boyfriend when you can have 20+ Valentine's Day Dates at the same time? You're already going to be spending half the day together on the field anyway, no dinner reservations needed.
As athletes, we are in season ALL year round & the majority of us don't have time for ANYONE except the game & our team (& sometimes barely even ourselves). But don't worry, the ladies at SoccerGrlProbs have created a video that will make you feel MUCH BETTER about this Valentine's Day. Enjoy...we really had a BALL making it...


Be proud that your significant other is a just a soccer ball! After all that is the essence of who we are & where we come from.  Although SeBALLstian is needy & lives in our garage, we can't deny that he is loyal, loves to kick around & most notably allows US to wear the pants in the relationship ;-)

Have a great Valentine's Day SGP-ers...


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