Total Body Workout With ONE piece of Equipment

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In this week's Fitness Friday video, we use ONE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT to do over 10 exercises, hitting all parts of the body! The piece of equipment we used was a WOD Nation Resistance Band (

This resistance band, when attached to a secure and stable structure, can provide just the right amount of resistance for the exercise you wish to perform. The closer you are to the attachment point, the less resistance it provides and the farther away you pull the band, the harder the resistance gets.

Proper way to attach a resistance band:

Now that you know how to attach the resistance band to a secure structure, here is our fitness video that covers all of the following exercises! GO GET STRONGER

Tricep Extension: This exercise involves attaching the band overhead, and extending the arms down and back up by bending at the elbow and using the tricep muscles to straighten the arm. Use good posture, feet shoulder-width apart and back straight.

Bicep Curl: This exercise is performed standing on the resistance band, feet shoulder width apart.  Grabbing the band with both hands, in neutral grip, contract the biceps, curling the band all the way up and then back down.

Pull-Ups: This exercise is performed using the resistance band attached to a pull-up bar to support some of your body weight so pull-ups can be performed easier if you are unable to do them without a band.  One knee goes inside the hanging band as you perform the pull-ups.

Rows: Wrapping the band around a stable pole or standing structure, hold each side of the band with one hand. Knees should be slightly bent and back kept straight while rowing the band into your chest and back out.  When rowing the band into your chest, try to squeeze the shoulder blades together in your back.

Upright Row: This exercise is performed standing on the resistance band, feet shoulder width apart. Grip the band, palms down, hands close together in the middle. Pull the band straight up, until your fists reach your chin with your elbows pointed all the way up. Slowly come back to the starting position, and repeat.

Single Leg Hamstring Curl: Attaching the band to a secure, low structure, and lay on your stomach, facing away from the band. Hook the band over the heel of one foot and curl your leg up all the way as far as you can (heel touching butt would be ideal!). Then slowly straighten the leg and repeat again.

Hip Adduction: Again, with the band attached to a secure, low structure, stand perpendicular to the band.  The leg closest to the band will be hooked inside of it. Take a step out so that the band is pulled tight. Standing on the free leg, adduct the other leg to meet it, and then raise the leg out to the side and repeat.

Hip Abduction: With a similar set up as the previous exercise, this time put the outside foot through the band. Raise the outside leg out to the side then lower it back down slowly and repeat. 

Knee Drives: With the band still attached low, loop one foot inside of the band.  Face away from the band and stand strongly in a split stance.  Drive the knee of the foot that is attached to the band forward and pause at the top, then slowly bring the leg back down.  This exercise uses the hip flexor to drive the knee forward.

Resisted Lateral Walks: To perform this exercise, loop the band twice around your thighs (lower part of the thighs, near the knees).  In a squat position, walk laterally (sideways), one foot at a time. Aim to take big steps against the resistance of the band as opposed to tiny little steps.


There you have it, a full upper and lower body workout using just 1 piece of equipment, the WOD Nation Resistance Bands! They can be used ANYWHERE with a secure structure to attach the bands to! To purchase this product, click here :) 

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