A Soccer Machine That's the Perfect Training Partner!

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SoccerGrlProbs got the opportunity to try out this INCREDIBLE machine last week at InSports indoor facilities in Trumbull, CT!  The SideKick Soccer Machine (made by Seattle Sport Sciences Incis a machine that can feed you ANY type of ball you want, at speeds up to 70 mph!

Let's be honest, it is very difficult to provide consistent service when training advanced ball skills that are accurately placed with the right type of spin...not to mention that coach can get kinda (extremely) pissed when time is wasted at practice because of it, right? We've all been there when someone keeps shanking the ball out of bounds while practicing corner kicks. It is so common! & a BIG waste of time.  Right away we were blown away with what this machine can do.  With side-spin, top-spin and under-spin, along with ANY angle of trajectory, this machine can reproduce literally any type of ball that could possibly be seen in a game.  Don't believe us? Check out the video below to see us training with it!


This ONE MACHINE can be used for field players, both offensively and defensively as well as goalkeepers.  The SideKick Soccer Machine will drastically cut down training time with its incredible efficiency and is perfect for improvements on first touch. That video only covered a handful of the types of drills that this machine can be used for, but the possibilities are endless!


HUGE thanks to Seattle Sports Sciences for letting us try out this awesome machine, and thanks to InSports Indoor Facilities for letting us shoot around there!

To learn more about this awesome product check out their website
Twitter: @SeattleSportsSci
Instagram: @SeattleSportsSci




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