You May Not Like The Neon Yellow, But the BEST Thing About The New Women's Jersey Is...

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There are some mixed opinions about the newly released US Women's National Team Home Kit, but seeing it in person made all the difference!  We couldn't get over how light the jersey was, and the softness and how sharp the design was, but in addition to all the awesome new things about this jersey, Nike did one thing in particular that SoccerGrlProbs loved...

For the first time EVER in US Women's Soccer history, our favorite players jerseys will now be AVAILABLE IN MENS!  How sick is that?? It's about time! Now husbands, boyfriends, brothers, fathers and even just your every-day male fan can now purchase and rock a Leroux, Morgan, Wambach (and more) jersey!  

This is such an awesome step in equalizing women's and men's sports, and we're so pumped to hear it! This is one less Soccer Girl Problem for sure. 

We got to interview the players and see the jersey up close and personal! Check out the video below:


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