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Easy Breezy Beautiful Soccer Girl Tips

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SoccerGrlProbs Spa Day

SoccerGrlProbs had the pleasure of spending an entire day at Adam Broderick' salon! His team taught us easy & simple beauty tips that help keep your hair & skin healthy in no time at all. We saw that these professionals know best....& a little goes a long way when we put some effort into our appearances.

Ponytail Tips

Ponytails are a fact of life for soccer players...we wear it up on the field & let's not lie, most of our time off the field too. Here are some way ways to keep our ponytail looking great! 

 For Dry or Curly hair: Moisturize & manage dry/curly hair by applying a dollop of Khiel’s silk groom to the palm of your hand, then rub on both palms, & apply to the ends of your ponytail, then up around the face to smooth out fly-aways and provide some hydration to your tresses.

Prevent Hair Breakage: Pulling hair too tightly back into a ponytail on an everyday basis can lead to hair breakage around the face (aka the baby hairs we are currently sporting). To reduce the chances of this, after you pull your hair back & fasten the ponytail securely, use a chopstick & insert it under sections of hair on the top & sides of your face and gently lift to release the tension on the hair a bit. This also creates a bit of height or flattering fullness.

Create Volume: Yes even ponytails can have volume, after you pull your ponytail together, & secure it with a thick rubber elastic two times…as you pull the hair back thru for the third time, stop half way to create a quick ‘ hair up’ that will stay in place for hours. 

Hair Spray: Yes we are talking about hair spray (it's not just for mom's anymore)! A spritz or two of hair spray such as Adam Broderick ’s Fixer will help keep your hair up going much longer.

Fierce & fun highlights underneath the upper layers of your hair can show some style when your hair is pulled up in to a game day ponytail. Try the bright new color trends or just classic blonde pieces in the unexpected places that really personalize your look, yet work with all your hair styling options.


SunscreenNothing interferes with playing as much as sunscreen. It stings your eyes as you sweat during a game. To keep this from happening, use a stick sunscreen on nose and cheeks before the game. Sunburned necks are NOT fun, especially during a long tournament weekend. Also, use chapstick with SPF in it....nothing can spoil your day more than a blister killing your lip! 




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