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27 Things Only Student-Athletes Will Understand

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27 Things Only Student-Athletes Will Understand 

1. How to balance the 4 S’s: School, Sports, Social life & Sleep.
I haven’t quite figured it out yet, but somehow I manage.

2. Wait, what is a social life?
“I can’t, I have (sport)”

3. And what is sleep?
By the time I get home from practice and finish this homework it’ll be time for school again…

4. That rush of excitement when practice is cancelled…
This allows me even more time to catch up on my sleep- I mean studies.


               5. …and that feeling of despair when coach says “Get on the line”

I suddenly regret the junk food I downed before this.

                  6. Climbing stairs to class is the ultimate struggle.
If only using the elevator was socially acceptable, and if only I wasn’t so sore from weights.

7. #NapLivesMatter, no matter how long or how short
Squeezing in a 10 minute nap has never felt so reviving, and happens multiple times a day.

8. NARP’s (non-athletic-regular-people) have it so easy.
Actually, can I be you for a day?

9. Eating whatever you want, when you want.
I’ll just burn it off at practice.

10. Getting brand new gear every season.
Nothing better than when Christmas shows up a couple months early.

11. Ice baths are a necessity.
Where time passes slow, and frostbite happens fast.

12. Oh, and foam rolls.
It’s a love-hate relationship, but mostly hate.
13. Never dressing up- ever. 
It’s an even mix of laziness and carelessness; comfort over fashion, people.

14. But on the rare occasion you do...
“You look SO good for once!!!!” –NARP friend
“Why do you look good?” –athletic friend

15. ...you completely regret it.
I am sweating profusely and I haven’t even made it to practice yet.

16. Not knowing what to do with yourself on off days.
I have so much time to do nothing…

17. The unforgettable friendships you’ve made through your sport…
I want to thank not only God, but Jesus for introducing me to my teammates.

18. ...and the unforgettable memories.
“Remember that one time we got kicked out of Dick’s Sporting Goods?”

19. Coach pushing morning workouts back an hour is a BIG deal.
Trust me, wakingup at 6am instead of 5am is a beautiful thing.

20. What smell?
I have developed an immunity for the odors my sport produces.

21. Comparing bruises with your teammates.
I have NO idea where this came from.

22. I can eat 5 meals a day during season, not including snacks…

23. Having triple the laundry than anyone else.
It smells just as bad as it sounds too.

24. Cause of death: Preseason.
Scarier than any horror movie I’ve ever seen.

25. Those occasional, cherished times you get to sleep in.
I can’t even say “good morning” anymore, it’s already 2pm.

26. Team bonding is fun no matter what you do.
I enjoy every second of being terrible at mini golf or bowling.

27. All the sweat, blood, and tears was worth it.
And always will be.

What being a student-athlete has taught me…
  • It is no doubt a challenge, and throughout this journey I have experienced a countless number of emotional hurdles I have had to overcome. Disappointment, frustration, sadness, and pain are all feelings buckled along this path to success, hindering the view that keeps one on track. I can recall numerous times I have wanted to quit and take the easy way out, not wanting to face the challenges associated with the student-athlete lifestyle. I have three words of advice. Don’t give up. The many hours of hard work you have dedicated to your sport far outweigh the adversities you have endured. If you have a passion for something, do not let your struggles keep you from doing what you love. Use them as a fuel to your fire, a desire to work harder, an inspiration to become stronger. The best things in life will never come easy, and through the many battles lessons are learned that will prepare you for your future outside of sports. Use adversity to grow, not as a setback, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. Trust me, all of this is worth it, you just need to believe.
  • I am now a Division II collegiate athlete. Why? Not because I was born with amazing skills, and not because I am the best. In reality, I am far from that. But I can confidently say my work ethic sets me apart from many. Through hard work and determination, I didn’t give up on my aspirations. I moved past my failures, I didn't listen to the people telling me I wasn't good enough. Truth is, it is not all about the points you score or the stats you achieve throughout your career that make you successful. Of course there is nothing more rewarding, but realize one thing as you progress through the student-athlete life: It is about the person you become during the journey, and most importantly after. You do not have to be a starter to appreciate what your sport has done for you. You do not have be the greatest. There is so much more to life than being the best, but if you choose to endure something, work hard and be the best you can be, this is truly the key to success. 
Author: Kirsten Russel


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