Top 10 Reasons to Look Forward to the World Cup

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During the FIFA Men’s World Cup last summer, we saw how soccer is loved by people all over the world. Statistics don’t lie. It is the most popular sport in the world. What is cooler than seeing different countries bond over the whole experience?!

Seriously though, what brings people together more like an international sporting event that has nations all over the world coming together to compete. Whether you are by yourself, with your parents, your teammates or even strangers, being in front of a live soccer game creates a passionate and unbreakable bond with the people around you! And the World Cup will make it totally acceptable to wear red, white and blue the entire month of June.

How lucky are we? Canada is right in our backyard! It is so easy to take a quick flight, short road trip with friends or bus-ride with your team to go support our U.S. Women’s National Team (USWNT)! #DoIt

7. SUMMER FUN aka SOCCER 24/7!
For a month and a half, there will be games almost every day! This leads to having an excuse to have multiple pasta parties with your soccer team and make it acceptable to go to the bar midday with friends to watch the matches!

Although the major debate, the NEW NIKE USWNT jerseys are beautifully made, uniquely crafted and built for speed. They are awesome and we can’t wait to see them in action on the field (with the neon volt on their socks, you can’t miss them!).

The USWNT lost in a devastating finals match to Japan last Women’s World Cup in Germany (It has been a longggg four years). They are back and ready to prove that this is their year!

The USWNT has so much depth on their team that it will be an extremely competitive match, no matter who is on the field. It is a great time for spectators to come see these soccer gurus up close and personal for they are impeccable athletes and even better representatives of our nation’s greatness.

One of America’s favorite forwards and the top U.S. female goal scorer of all time will be playing. This will most likely be Abby’s last World Cup and she has yet to win the Gold at the WWC. It's time to bring it home!

Team SGP will be at some, if not all of the women’s games at the World Cup! We will be supporting as fans, crazy bystanders or delightful correspondents....

1. SOCCERGRLPROBS will actually be COVERING THE WORLD CUP with KickTV! Watch us drive coverage of EVERY game by following @KickTV on Twitter, Snap Chat & subscribing to their YouTube channel where daily videos will be posted. We will be in Winnipeg & Vancouver attending games, fun events & hanging with the American Outlaws, Dom Dwyer & Lori Lindsey. Don't miss us on KickTV coverage this World Cup (Also, follow us on Twitter: @SoccerGrlProbs, Instagram: TheRealSoccerGrlProbs, SnapChat: SoccerGrlProbs for fun behind the scenes experience) :) 

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  • Elizabeth Murphy posted on June 08 2015 at 05:06 PM

    Have a great time. Will be looking for you three!

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