USA vs. Sweden

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USA vs. Sweden 

After a glorious victory against the Australians, the USWNT drew nil-nil to the Swedes. This was a huge opportunity for Wambach and her crew to clinch a spot in the knockout stage with 3 points, but tonight it was not Wambach who led the cavalry as she was relegated to the bench….BUT can we blame her? She’s been the most influential striker for the USWNT in the past decade and is now 35 years old, making some people doubt her ability to start and play 90 minutes in every game, especially on the grueling artificial turf the ladies are so lucky to be playing on…..This was the first time since 2003 that she hasn’t appeared in a World Cup starting lineup. As one of our favorite players EVER this was hard for us to see happen. We're still a HUGE believer of Wambach and can't wait to see her get the job done in the games to come.

There was a shortage of offensive opportunities for both teams. Only 2 shots were recorded on target for the red white and blue, one being a great chance but was not put away by Wambach who came on in the 67th minute. As the cross came in from Rapinoe, Wambach made one of her infamous runs into the box for a header but it was kept out by the goalkeeper. Hope Solo was SAVED by Megan Klingenberg  who saved a goal from going in (jaw dropping for sure). Leroux probably should have been penalized for a handball in the box in the first half but we won’t say anything more about that… In the end the draw was still enough to keep the girls at the top of the table going into Tuesday’s game against Nigeria.

As special thanks to all the girls who came to our SGP Pick Up Game before the game!  All we did was throw a tweet out with a field address and over 70+ girls, guys and parents showed up to play one MASSIVE pick-up game. We had such a great time it was amazing to meet and play with you all. Stay tuned for another meet up in Vancouver where we'll be hosting another pick-up game!!

 Contribution: Justin Lewis 

Our Vid Recap of the Game 

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