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Japan vs. England

After the 90 minutes of regulation play in the second semi-final of the Women’s World Cup, there was much to be said about match. Chances at both ends, and both teams working hard for a birth in the final, but at the end of extra time, some were left speechless.

The ending of the game was heartbreaking to say the least and no matter what team you support, you cannot help but to feel for England defender Laura Bassett who conceded an own goal in the 92nd minute. Running backwards towards her own goal, she tried to clear a cross coming in from the right flank and her clearance attempt hit off of the crossbar and into her own net. This play was every defenders worst nightmare. Her clearance could have gone anywhere, but for Bassett the ball flew into the last place she’d want it too.

England and Bassett did not deserve to go out of the tournament in that fashion. England had great chances that maybe should have been finished which would have prevented the tragedy, but sometimes this is what the game can do. Soccer can be lovely or cruel and today it was unkind to the Brits. We hate to see any team go out like this but we must credit the England team for their great run and play in the tournament, their best finish in a WWC ever!

England outshot Japan 15 to 7, one of each of the team’s shots was a converted penalty. So if we look at it on paper, Japan advances on a penalty and an own goal, maybe not the most deserving of wins for Japan, but nonetheless they have a chance to win the tournament for the second consecutive World Cup. They will play the U, S of A on Sunday night at 7pm est. in a rematch of the 2011 WC!

You don’t want to miss this one, but if you do, catch us back here on Sunday night for the World Cup Final Recap!

Contribution: Justin Lewis


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