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USWNT-Making History, Celebrating with Their Country BUT Still Facing Inequality

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USWNT-Making History, Celebrating with Their Country BUT Still Facing Inequality 

The USWNT made history in incredible fashion last Sunday, resulting in huge celebration for the team, the fans and our country! This is the first World Cup victory since 1999 so it has been a long time waiting for the women to lift the World Cup trophy yet again. The Final match versus Japan attracted just fewer than 23 million viewers, making this the most watched soccer match in United States history! This number was 77% more than the number of viewers in 2011 when the United States played the same country, Japan. These stats alone show the outstanding growth in women’s soccer, and soccer alone in the United States. All of this year’s World Cup squad members are looked up to as huge role models and inspirations to the youth soccer community around the country. They serve as amazing examples to push young girls to become great soccer players, which will further the growth in US soccer through the next generations! So this leads me to the next point…

If these USWNT players are record breakers and amazing role models to the entire country, many people are asking why they are not rewarded the same way as the men are rewarded for their World Cup victories. Here is a stat for you: The 2014 Men’s World Cup winners, Germany, were rewarded 575$ million dollars in prize money. The 2015 Women’s World Cup winners, the United States, were rewarded 15$ million dollars in prize money. Now this is not a matter of a few million dollars of difference…we are talking over 500 million dollars of prize money difference, which calculates to the women making 40 times less than the men do. So many people are infuriated at these statistics and the inequality between men and women in sport. I can imagine the girls on the World Cup Squad are as well, but today they got to enjoy another unforgettable experience in New York City with their amazing fans.

The NYC Ticker-Tape Parade honored the USWNT in a march down in lower Manhattan, where the team stood on 12 different floats and waved to the thousands of fans below them. Confetti was dropped from the highest of stories from buildings creating an incredible atmosphere, as well did the vuvuzelas and drums being played throughout the parade. The parade ended at the New York City Hall, where the team was honored by mayor, Bill De Blasio and were handed over the keys to the city.

This was the first ever Ticker Tape Parade to honor a women’s sports team, making history yet again. The Ticker Tape Parade has been held for incredible historic names such as Nelson Mandela, Emilia Earhart, Neil Armstrong and many others. For the women to be put in such categories with these names is an incredible honor for the team who represent and inspire so many young athletes who strive to be in their position one day.

So again, the records continue to be broken. This group of 23 girls has truly inspired an entire country. We look back again to the 2014 Men’s German World Cup winners who received 40 times the amount of prize money that the USWNT made. We then look for anything at all that relates to the mass amount of achievements that these girls have made and we struggle to find any. So you tell me why these women don’t deserve a better reward… because we don’t have the answer.

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