6 Ways to Stand Up to Racism as a Ladyballer

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Ladyballers, in addition to donations and attending protests, there are countless ways that we can stand up to racism, on and off the field. Today we're sharing a few easy tips that you can implement and help make a difference immediately. Let's all keep educating ourselves, learning, and growing. Together, we can play a role in combatting inequality.

Please email us at with more trips and resources so that we can help use our voice for the greater good. #BlackLivesMatter #BlackAthletesMatter

#1. Discuss racism in sports with teammates of color to raise your awareness and understanding of what they are going through. LISTENING can sometimes be one of the most important things you can do.

    • Have they ever felt mistreated?
    • Have they ever been called stereotypical words, phrases?
    • Have they ever been denied in sports due to their color?
    • Ask for their recommendations on steps we can take to make this better?

#2. Stand up for teammates if you are ever witnessing them experiencing racism. Being a silent bystander in situations like these can only perpetuate the problem further. Letting your teammates know that you have their back is an important part of being an ally.

#3. Report to your parents or coach if you notice that there are teammates who make racial slurs, jokes or comments. Don't be nervous to speak out. You must stand up for yourself and your teammates, especially when you're feeling uncomfortable! 

#4. Take note if your coach mistreats you or denies you of equal treatment or opportunity because of your skin color. 

#5. Support players of color whenever you can! As many professional players have expressed, such as Sydney Leroux and Adriana Franch, racism in soccer is a real and present thing. There are fans who have criticized and harassed players with racial slurs, and those voices need to be silenced. There is no place for racism in soccer, or anywhere else. Be a LOUD voice of support and empowerment. Buy and represent one of their jerseys at games.

#6. Educate yourself! Please see the list of educational resources. Please see below a curated list of recourses created by a good friend, Jaclyn Calovine.


  1. Articles on Racism in Sport (Archive)
  2. Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Glossary of TermsThe following is a list of carefully researched and thoughtfully discussed key social justice terms and definitions. It is by no means a comprehensive list as equity, diversity, and inclusion terms are ever-expanding and changing, but it is a good place to start. 
  3. Inclusive Language DefinitionsHow language is used, especially by governments and education systems, can deeply impact how we view race, gender and cultures.*This guide provides excellent examples of “instead of using” this phrase try “this” phrase!
  4. Microaggressions and How-to Respond to them!
  5. Learning to Recognize the Difference Between Intent and Impact
  6. Equity vs. Equality: What's the Difference?
  7. Your Black Friend (YouTube video)
  8. Anti-Racism Checklist (PDF download)

Please click here for MORE WAYS you can help combat racism and inequality (this includes petitions, donations, protest participation, and more)

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