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 Johns Hopkins SGP College Ambassadors 

Here at Hopkins, there are only two things that we want you to know about, and they both have to do with the letter “S”. First, it’s “Johns” Hopkins University. We know what you’re thinking- Johns isn’t a first name! It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t feel right! Please, bear with us; it’ll all be okay.

And number two, more importantly, is soccer.

Hopkins Women’s Soccer is a top tier D3 program, with last year’s 2014-15 team making it to the NCAA Final Four in Kansas City. Our head coach, Leo Weil, founded the program here at the school, which makes this his 23rd year at the helm. That means there’s no soccer girl prob he hasn’t seen before (your mismatched game socks epidemic doesn’t phase him).

Our team is all about big wins, big meals, and even bigger dance parties. Competing in the Centennial Conference, our schedule includes teams from up and down the East Coast, but we call Baltimore, Maryland our home. There’s nothing our team is afraid of, whether it’s tackling new formations, putting more weight on the squat rack, or taking on Final Exams in a whole different state.

As for me, I’m a junior defender here at JHU. I’m a Writing Seminars major, but I’m currently pursuing a double-minor in fried chicken consumption and Netflix binge watching. Originally from Southern California, soccer has always been a part of my life. I started off picking daisies in the middle of my youth games, but since then I’ve spent way too much time dealing with blood blisters and huddling in hotel lobbies to watch SoccerGrlProbs videos. These days I’m enjoying upperclassman privilege in the ice-bath line, and am excited to be an ambassador for the site!

The team and I can’t wait to start sharing our season with you, and we hope you enjoy all our updates and antics.


How things started at JHU this year:


New Year, New Team. This year’s preseason at Hopkins started off with lots of new faces. Our team spent last preseason traveling Europe for two weeks, but this year, it was back to the usual two-a-day grind in good old Baltimore. Lucky us! Somehow our locker room managed to keep that musty, wet shingaurd smell all summer long.

 Europe with the team! 

Not Europe!

To keep things exciting this year, we got a new assistant coach, Rich. That meant a bunch of new, fun Coach-isms and the inevitable “Kyla-Kayla-Katie-Kate-Clara-Cera-Sarah” name mix ups. Luckily, Rich is German, which means if we ever go back to Europe we can fluently tell people, “Never play that ball again,” “That’s absolutely not the play we’re working on,” and “Shiza! Shiza! Shiza! ”(Unfortunately that one doesn’t translate to “good job”, by the way). Rich is also a fan of the phrase, “It’s all about the small things.” So far, I’m just going through drills with Blink-182 songs stuck in my head.

Do we get foreign language credits for this? (Fun fact: Rich loves Gossip Girl)


And since we’re talking about fresh faces, we can’t forget our freshman! With six new girls, we have plenty of new hands to carry the penny bag, the goals, and pretty much anything else that needed carrying. Everyone knows team bonding is an essential part of the process, so of course we held our annual themed night of competitive “Gatorade” chugging. Teams included Tourists, Boxers, and a squad after my own heart- PIZZA! If your team is looking for some Halloween ideas, feel free to use ours. We’d be flattered.

Proof that sometimes the upperclassmen carry things too. Like our freshman. Or three slices of pizza at a time.

 All in all, it’s looking like a pretty good start to the year. With two tournaments down and a couple five-goal victories under our spandex, Hopkins is ready for another big season. Come get a pizza this, we dare you.


  • Josh Wetzler posted on October 29 2015 at 03:10 PM

    I’m allergic to cheese so I can’t eat pizza

  • Max McKee posted on October 30 2015 at 09:10 AM

    What kind of Gatorade was used in the chugging competition? I personally love orange!!
    P.S. – I’d love to challenge the winner. Besos <3

  • Caroline Graham posted on July 21 2018 at 02:07 PM

    How can you become a SGP ambassador?

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