7 Secrets to Making a Game-Changing Highlight Video for Soccer Players

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First, do you even need a highlight video to get recruited? Not many colleges will recruit a player based solely off a highlight video, so why is it important to have one?

To be recruited, college coaches need to see you play. In today’s recruiting environment, coaches receive hundreds of emails before each showcase event they attend, and there are often hundreds of teams at each event. What’s going to make them show up at your field?

If you develop and distribute an impressive highlight video, a coach is more likely to watch you play than someone who just sent an email.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video is worth!

Now, here are the seven secrets to make a game-changing highlight video:

  1. Put your best stuff first. College coaches have a lot of emails and highlight videos to review. They won’t watch your entire video unless you immediately grab their attention.
  2. Quality over quantity. Remember: it’s a highlight video. Only include clips that separate you from other players. Your video doesn’t have to be long - it just has to make an impact. A great highlight video can be as short as 30 seconds.
  3. Perspective is everything. Filming from as high as possible and with a wide angle allows coaches to see more of the action and gain more context on what you’re doing in relation to your teammates and competition.
  4. Make yourself clear. Use circles, arrows, or whatever else you can to ensure coaches know which player is you, and make sure the quality of video you use is good enough to clearly see the action.
  5. Toughest competition. Coaches want to evaluate how you will do at their level of play, so show them clips that most closely replicate that standard.
  6. No training videos (*unless you’re a goalkeeper). Watching you go through drills or juggle the ball doesn’t allow coaches to properly evaluate you. They need to see you play in a game setting.
  7. Show your overall game. Coaches should finish watching your highlight video and know who you are as a player. Make sure you include clips that cover the various aspects of your game.

*Training clips can be a great supplement for goalkeepers to use in their highlight videos.

Pro Tip: Incorporate your highlight video in your social media! Use Instagram’s Story Highlights feature to showcase the various aspects of your game, post new clips when you get new game film, and include your entire highlight video on IGTV.



Steve Sawyer - Co-Founder, Contact Coaches

After playing college soccer at Brown University, Steve went on to coach at Connecticut College (D-III) and Villanova University (D-I). He has over 10 years of experience guiding players through the college recruiting process, as a college coach, as a youth coach and club director, and as a recruiting consultant. He has helped players go on to play at such schools as UCLA, Penn, Northeastern, Lehigh, Denver, Haverford, and many more. He co-founded Contact Coaches to make college recruiting resources available to everyone, allowing all young players the opportunity to fulfill their dreams of playing college soccer. Contact Coaches offers free resources (including a blog), a recruiting dashboard, consultations, and highlight video production.

Instagram: | @coachssawyer

Facebook: Contact Coaches


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