Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Abby Wambach

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Top 10 Reasons We LOVE Abby Wambach 

Abby Wambach.. The record leading goal scorer of international soccer with 184 goals in 252 international matches announced her retirement this week (Insert sad, but proud emoji here).
"After much deliberation and talking with my friends, family, teammates and our coaching staff, I've decided to finally bring my soccer career to an end," Wambach said in a statement. "While we still have more work to do for women's soccer, after bringing the World Cup back to the United States this summer, I'm feeling extremely optimistic about the future of our sport. It's been an amazing, wonderful ride and I can't wait to see what the next chapter of my life brings." SoccerGrlProbs along with every other soccer girl in the U.S. and the World is extremely sad about this news but we understand her decision. To honor the champ herself we came up with a list of the Top 10 reasons we love Abby.

1. She's a Leader
She has undoubtably led her team by example on the field and has rallied the troops when it mattered most!  
2. She's Tough
It is a rare occurrence that you see Abby go down after a foul...she's has never rolled around and faked an injury EVER. This girl is a total bada**
3. Her dogs...and they are the COOLEST
Do we need to say anything else about this? 
4. She has a Chipotle Gold Card  
You know you've truly "made it" when you receive this special card...which is only granted to a select few (a very very lucky select few)
5. She's funny
6. Her Headers
Somehow, some way Abby always gets the ball in the back of the net with her head. We wish we were 1/10th of as good as she is at this. When her teammates see her in the box - THAT'S IT..GOAL. Next? 
7. She's a Role Model 
Abby has always been a great role model to fellow soccer players and girls everywhere. She is the epitome of a leader and hard worker. 
8. Relationship Goals 
Her and her wife Sarah Huffman (also a former soccer player) are adorable and she has been a proud example of being true to yourself and confident in your own skin! 
9. She's played with ALL the legends, like Mia Hamm, Brandi Chastain & Kristine Lily!
10. We will say this AGAIN... She's going out on TOP.
She is the record leading goal scorer of international soccer with 184 goals in 252 international matches. MORE THAN ANY MAN OR WOMAN IN HISTORY!


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