If SoccerGrlProbs Held A "Victoria Secret Fashion Show"

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Ahhh yes, it is that time of the year again - tonight is the 2015 Victoria Secret Fashion Show (Cue all of the "I hate my body" & "That model needs a cheeseburger" Tweets). 

Well.. stop that nonsense!  Because we are #NotYourAverageGirls - Have you ever wondered what it would be like if the Victoria Secret Fashion Show let SoccerGrlProbs take over the reigns for the night? Well....

Us ladies at SoccerGrlProbs want to give you a little inside look on what our Soccer Girl Secret Fashion Show would entail if we were ever blessed with this opportunity...

1) Blood Stains are the new "Cover up"

Bold, brave, confident & determined. Blood Stains are the New Black. Our models would rock cuts, bumps & bruises with confidence that would make your parents worry sick. Cover Up with Makeup!? How about Cover Your Mouth - No Way!

2) Meal Prep - Pre, During & Post the Cat Walk 

Always fueling our models bodies to keep that high level intensity we need during any show. We always prepare our models with a meal or cheeseburger pre-game, post game or even most popular - during the game. With this preparation, we never doubt any cramping, fatigue or mishaps during the show. (How embarrassing would that be!? Our saying, "If you don't eat. You ain't walkin'... now get to steppin")

3) Here at SoccerGrlProbs, we value Resourcefulness.

Our models are not only resourceful, but are also not afraid to show creativity with what they already have. With confidence in them - we in fact, give them the choice of what to wear. Knowing, loving and utilizing every aspect of the game - Our models reuse practice, game & facility equipment. Our "Bomb Cone Shell Bra" is a Jaw Dropper (You're welcome future European trends)

4) No Doubt, Our Show has the Hottest Trends 

You're damn right, you've seen it first. Our models are trend setters. Look at how agile, comfortable & confident this model is in our latest PreWrap Dress. It takes focus, determination & skill to move swift in such a slimming wrap.. Take a note down, learn from the best designers there is, here at SoccerGrlProbs (In other words, simply find something in your soccer bag and try to make it a clothing item)

5) Our Show focuses on - Being Yourself.

Our Fashion Show focuses on "Being yourself". No matter if you're a he or she, or SheHe...or a referee who is a she but wears a mustache - you can't let the haters stop you from doing your thang.  Get out there and strut yourself like today is your last day on Earth. Be yourself (Isn't she just beautiful?)

What we are trying to say: If we had the chance to have our version of the Victoria Secret Fashion Show - It would focus on loving your body, being comfortable in your own skin and owning who you are. Now embrace those muscular soccer legs tonight as you enjoy the show. Be healthy - be happy - be you.


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