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SGP Sits Down With USWNT's Crystal Dunn About The New Roster

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SGP Sits Down With USWNT's Crystal Dunn

SoccerGrlProbs was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Crystal Dunn yesterday. After the media's mixed reviews on the young roster choices for the Olympic Qualifiers we wanted to find out what Crystal thought of the team chemistry. She believes that right now "The team chemistry is great. There's a lot of new parts and that's obviously going to take adjusting. We've lost a lot of players who we looked up to."

One player in particular that Crystal felt was going to be missed was Abby Wambach (last year after winning the World Cup, Abby told the press it was an entire team effort and said Crystal Dunn was part of that team effort, Crystal had been last to be cut from that roster prior to the WWC). Crystal said Abby was such an idol to the entire team and it is rough losing her but she believes that this team is ready for a new generation and that's what they've been promoting and she is excited to be apart of this new transition.

As for the qualifiers she believes "The team chemistry is already great and it is going to take people stepping up...if you're a young player put on the field you have to perform. The great thing is it doesn't matter what age you are now, it all comes down to your contributions to the team."

Other things we found out:

Bestie on the USWNT: Kriegs

Advice to a younger player: Believe in yourself, it makes all the difference. Be ok with failing. Never doubt yourself

Biggest SoccerGrlProb: Airplanes-she does not like flights!

*We ended our chat with a shout out to "Lawng Island" in our best New York accent because we both grew up there!


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