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ACL Repairs: One of The Biggest SoccerGrlProbs of ALL

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Unfortunately...Shannon from SGP has joined the ACL club
Last week I was playing in an indoor game and with a minute left in the game sprinted forward in a play and stopped short to change directions and POP. I went down and could not believe the pain! A crying-carried-off-the-field reaction and a $40 cab ride later.. I was on my couch with a bag of peas on my knee (didn't have any ice of course). I texted the other SGP girls that something was up, Carly had torn her ACL in high school so she knows all about it (plus 7 other girls on our college team have torn theirs-INSANE).

I decided I had to see a doctor. I couldn't put any weight on it so helplessly, I had to hop to my mom's car. The doctor was optimistic believing after an x-ray and examination - it could just be a tendon injury nothing too serious. He said the probability of an ACL was less than 10% (I WAS JUMPING FOR JOY at the odds - Well, not jumping..couldn't jump...couldn't walk...couldn't move). What was so unusual about my knee was that it was barely swollen.  I was shocked. Every ACL story you hear - the victim always says that their knee blew up to the size of a balloon! But...everyone is different.  I left the doctors office and was happy with the results.
Two days later I found myself back in the doctor's office. The pain and feeling had changed - it felt unstable and I was getting shocking pains when I walked or went up steps. The doctor knew immediately that it WAS ACL. He believed that it had been in spasms the previous appointment. The MRI gave the final say and confirmed this huge soccer girl problem.  I was scheduled for surgery a few days later at ONS in Greenwich (I highly recommend it).
Cadaver, Patella or Hamstring? Those were my graf options. I did my research online, asked my teammates about their experiences and asked the doctor his opinion. Everyone is different, but for me the best option was a hamstring graf.

Surgery Day
I was lucky enough to have my surgery just a week after I tore it. I don't know how anyone waits any longer...I give you MAJOR props! Not eating or drinking after midnight was torture, you know how soccer girls are. I was so ready to get this over with so I could chug 10 waters and eat a jar of peanut butter!

My experience with the nurses were wonderful. Knowing I am afraid of needles they distracted me with jokes and asking me about our company, SoccerGrlProbs. Honestly, the worst and most painful part was getting the IV in (which took a few attempts). Then I was given a femoral nerve block, this was so you don't experience most of the pain you would otherwise for about 15 hours (#Blessed). I was rolled in and given a nice anesthesia cocktail...
I woke up a few hours later in recovery talking gibberish and eating saltines while chugging little plastic cups of water. When the nurses deemed me ready, I was wheeled to the car and traveled home (2 hours which kind of stunk).

Shout out to my main chick- my Madre (Also, my temporary roomie - lucky her), who helped carry me up the stairs to my bed (and has been my personal nurse the past 24 hours). Immediately I had the game ready ice machine hooked up - I can't stress the importance of this enough. I recommend asking the doctor's office about a prescription for this and most insurances cover the rental!

The second piece of equipment that I think is 100% necessary is a CPM (continuous passive motion) machine. This is all about continuing to keep your injured leg's range of motion and prevent scar tissue from forming (You don't want scar tissue to build up - Your physical therapist will make you cry when rubbing it out!). Also - it is extremely important to keep your legs motion because it could later affect your hips and the way you walk.

Lastly, having great family and friends is CLUTCH. Getting through this is not easy and you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help (Believe me, I like to do everything on my own and hate asking people for things... but you need to do what's best for your health).
I will check in with a progress report in a few days.. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone with this soccer girl problem! We are all in this together and that's why we love our fans!
  • Do your research on what graf is best for you
  • Make sure you get the best Dr. and that the Dr. is recommended for athletes
  • Ask fellow teammates players about their surgery and recovery process
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help
  • Patience and Positivity are what is going to get you through this
  • Post surgery - Make sure you take care of your injury by the book - It will help shorten recovery time so you can get back out on the field :)
  • When sleeping - keep your knee elevated (Purchase a really amazing new body pillow)
Questions I have for other ACL athletes:
  • What's the best foods to eat for the first couple days when you feel nauseous and nothing seems appetizing?
  • I need a new show to binge on Hulu (I already crushed Netflix and slayed ShowTime), any suggestions?


Shannon Fay


  • Sady posted on February 19 2016 at 11:02 AM

    I am about 4 months post acl repair and 2 menicuis repairs. I might be able to do some light training in a month??

  • Sunil Medapati posted on June 19 2017 at 02:06 AM

    Anatomical discoveries and a growing appreciation of the knee as a complex organ are driving innovations in patient care decision-making following anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury. Surgeons are increasing their efforts to restore combined mechanical-neurosensory ACL Tear Reconstruction Surgery function and placing more consideration on when to reconstruct versus repair native anatomical structures.

  • Juliet posted on August 31 2017 at 03:08 AM

    I am glad to see the women smiling, means that she has got treated the best that she recovered an ACL repair.
    Thanks to the team of doctors for the root treatment and surgery given to the lady.
    Thnaks for sharing an amazing and inspiring real happening here with us.
    Thanks again.

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