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On Friday, SoccerGrlProbs got to experience the ACE16+ PureControl "Boss Everyone" event held by Adidas in Brooklyn, NY! We watched both boys and girls play a 5 v 5 tournament in a massive warehouse and the competition was crazy. The teams were lucky enough to wear the Ace16+ PureControl cleats during the tournament....and they looked SO. COOL. 

The ACE16+ PureControl boots are laceless. Yea, we said it. LACELESS. (Like, they lacked laces...unheard of.) The color of the cleats are solar green with shock pink and black accents. We asked a couple of the players how they felt about the cleats and they said that they were extremely comfortable, form fitting and helped control the ball more (We also agreed - we have our own pairs and we love them.) We still haven't figured out the magic behind how these cleats can fit so snug and perfect!

One of our favorite parts of the event was when our lucky contest winners hung out and watched the games with us! Just a couple of soccer girls bonding over our love for the game, the #USWNT, injuries, tacos & more (Isn't it amazing how the game - & food - brings people together?)

Another amazing part of the event was that this was the FIRST time girls were able to participate in the Adidas 5 v 5 Champions League tournament. That is legendary - we need more of this! It was awesome seeing the girls work so hard, making a name for their team - We respect that & encourage more of this! 

Overall, the event was awesome and we highly encourage you to try out the ACE16+ PureControl cleats (Just try them'll feel like a boss doing it #BossEveryone). Oh, we forgot to mention the fact that the event had the BEST food truck food ever. We walked up to the food truck and they offered 2 of any kind of tacos you want. We so ordered 3...each. And got two bags of chips and guac (Full disclosure, grabbed another two bags of chips on our way out - guilllltyyyyyyy.)

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