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ACL Blog Two
What a difference a week makes! After the surgery I had been doing ok but the pain meds didn't sit well with my stomach on post-surgery days 1-3, I was extremely nauseous ( and had awful migraines. I was in the vicious post-surgery cycle where you can't eat or drink because of the nausea, dehydration and light headed from pain meds and you can't take the meds without food in your stomach. So I decided to stop taking the pain meds and just take Alleve and Tylenol (after consulting the doc). It took a couple days but after that I felt so much better! I was able to eat some soup and eggs and eventually (gracefully on my butt) get down the stairs and sit in the living room, not being stuck laying on my bed spooning the CPM machine was a breath of fresh air-what a difference a change in scenery makes!
I had been just using wash cloths to "shower" but when I finally did I felt SO much better. Standing showers-I think are easier to get in and out of on your on. If you only have a shower/tub get a shower chair or or even a waterproof outdoor chair to sit on! It's great if the shower head detaches so you can hold it too but if not you'll make do. It's also good to keep everything within reach-shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. I also would lay extra towels on my bed so the bed wouldn't get wet when I dressed! Changing my band aids I made sure they were patted dry and aired out enough before applying clean dry ones,(you don't want your skin wet at all before putting on new band aids)! 
This morning I went to PT with my grandpa (he's killing the weights it in the pic above) and had my leg measured to check swelling, asked some questions about surgery, pain, checked my range of motion, strength, etc. Typically you should be doing physical therapy three times a week and practicing the workouts they suggest at home. Tell the physical therapist your goals and what you hope to accomplish. Everyone is different. Especially soccer players who want to get back on the field ASAP and are willing to put in the extra time and effort! Lastly, the arm bike sucks but you're probably going to be spending a lot of time with him, he's going to be your friend-embrace him!
PT: Call around to different PT offices to see who takes your insurance, get references, ask your doctor for recommendations, etc. For me I was happily surprised to find out the gym near my apartment had a PT office. Living in the city it is a blessing to have something close by!!
Food: I think soup was a great starter along with eggs, plain pasta, and jello.
Drink: It is So important to continue to drink as much water as possible. You are going to be dehydrated from all the general anesthesia and different medications, as athletes we already know how vital water is so keep chugging it!I also froze Gatorade in ice cube trays. That was extremely helpful when i wasn't able to drink but needed the electrolytes.
Stairs: To starts I think going up and down the stairs in your butt is the best way unless you have railings on both sides to balance with. Also-I think going UP the stairs backwards was easier than forwards (but that could just be me)!
Bag: I used a drawstring bag when I would "commute" from room to room or up and down the stairs to hold my phone and whatever else was needed. Your pockets can only hold so much!
I've looked online a bunch but I love hearing anyone's personal opinions on favorite at-home strengthening tips, any advice?
I eventually would like to start swimming what type on swimming styles are safest and best for acls? 


  • Susan Mazzoni posted on February 26 2016 at 05:02 PM

    Glad you feel better and are getting around. Showers make everything better and make you feel human, for sure. I am not a doc or PT but you might want to try water jogging before swimming. You can get an aqua-jogging vest/floatie thing for $30-ish bucks. It’s a great aerobic workout and it’s great for rehabbing, even racehorses do it.

  • Amanda posted on February 26 2016 at 06:02 PM

    I just had surgery on Tuesday this week and my graft was a patellar so I’m still having trouble with moving my leg on my own but I had to do PT before surgery to get my range of motion back. One that I’ve been doing after surgery just to keep my muscle still working is flexing my quad as tight as I can and then relaxing it. Then I switch to my calf and alternate like that. At the same time though, you’re moving way more than I’ve been able to! I’ve loved following your blog so far though- it helps me see what I’m in for ;)

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