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Bring the Love of Soccer to Jamaica

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Jaime Calvin, Huntington University soccer player

Soccer is a language in and of itself. It is a game that can bring people together... even people who have never met before. In March of this year, 13 college soccer players will set out to Highgate, Jamaica in hopes of bringing joy to those who have none, through the love of the game of soccer. Huntington University will be sending 5 members of their men’s soccer team and 8 members of their women’s soccer team into Jamaica to do a variety of service projects through CSI Ministries, which includes soccer camps for the youth in Highgate.

Soccer is a large part of Jamaican culture. In Highgate, not many kids can afford soccer camps, let alone the basic essentials to play soccer. We want to provide a free clinic for any youth in the area of Highgate to come and learn skills and develop as players.

As a group, we don’t want to just impact the area for a week, but rather we want to give something to the community that will last longer. Our hopes is that we can take the necessary gear to host soccer camps that can go on long after we leave. We want to set up groups in the area with such things as soccer balls, cones, and scrimmaging jerseys so that anyone who wants to play soccer can.

The problem is that groups in the area don’t have the gear that is necessary to do so. So in order for us to leave the essentials there for them to use, we have to raise money to buy these items.

So we ask you, lovers of soccer and players of the game, to help us bring the love of soccer to those who don’t get to experience it as often as we do. Every dollar helps. Help us use the game we love to reach those who don’t have these opportunities often."




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