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Already week three! This week I felt like i made a ton of progress. I went from using both crutches, to one crutch, to a cane which I was SO excited about. It's great to be able to put more weight on my left leg when I move around, not to mention the cane makes me look like a straight BOSS. I was also allowed to start lifting upper body AND at PT I rode the stationary bike (it was for 5 minutes, at snail's pace and hurt like H#LL but totally worth it). If someone had told me a month ago that riding a stationary bike would be the highlight of my week, I certainly would not have believed them...but I can't put into words how amazing it was and how it makes me feel more motivated continue to work hard in and out of PT.
A while back, Team SGP had made travel plans to head down to Tampa for the SheBelieves Cup so I was crossing my fingers that I would be up for the trip this soon after surgery. I was a little nervous to travel down to Florida (especially because my longest travel had been from the couch to the fridge) but the doctor said traveling should be fine as long as I took an aspirin the day before, day of and day after flying (this helps with the swelling from flying). The USWNT game was great (they got the W) we met a ton of fans and chatted with so many awesome soccer gals. A bunch of girls had said they had been reading my blog and knew what I was going through because they had either torn their ACLs or were also going through it now too. It's crazy how many knee injuries (especially ACL injuries) that female soccer players have.
Team SGP (being the crazy soccer girls we are) found a gym in the Tampa area that we could try out for free (we've found free gym trials every time we travel and they are #clutch when on the road). My beloved arm bike was no where to be found so I improvised and tried out the rowing machine using just my right leg to row and my left leg propped on the foam roller. Yes, I did get some weird looks from fellow gymsters but hey, as long as I can work out WHATEVER!
I have to give a major shout out to the ACL Club for reaching out to me and giving me support! It's great to have a club with a community of athletes that understand and has also battled this injury, surgery and recovery. I received a really sweet note from the club as well as an awesome t-shirt which I proudly wore to PT this week! You guys rock:)
Tip: I wish I had known to so this in the beginning of this journey so for anyone who is on crutches definitely look into getting pads for your crutches. My armpits would kill me after long periods of crutching. Check out all the different cool colors and on amazon: 
Tip: Look up on Youtube or ask your school's athletic trainer if they know any useful ACL strengthening stretches and/or exercises. 

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