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ACL Blog 4

Working up a sweat in PT now! It's crazy how simple exercises are so much harder on my legs now because I haven't done them (I still feel weak but I know it's expected). My Physical therapist gave me an account on and it is phenomenal! Without it, my physical therapist would be giving me different exercises to work on at home/on my own. Typically, if I was told 7 exercises to do - chances are I would forget 6 of them right away! SO, this website is a HUGE help. Now that I have this account, I can log in & it will update what workouts I should be doing that day/week. It even has instructional videos so you know exactly what to do.. And NO PerfectFit360 is not paying me to say this LOL.. I just really do value this tool and think it would be extremely helpful for others to use so I figured I should "pay it forward" with this knowledge. 

Now for walking - I only use the cane for long trips (I live in a city without a car, so yes there are "long trips") but most of the time I'm walking without any aid. At this point it is more important for me to walk slow and focus on not limping as much as possible (learned this at PT). This is much easier said than done, I often find myself glancing in the window of stores and gasping at how much I'm dragging my left leg (so this really makes me focus on lifting and bending my knee more similar to my right leg). I continue to ice when I wake up, after I work out and before I go to sleep because it is usually sore at those points in the day. Whenever I get a chance I elevate my leg when possible too (it really does make a difference on the swelling).

I've been rubbing coconut oil on the scars...coconut oil is literally the best thing in the world, don't even get me started (Too late-I LOVE it). A little off topic but using coconut oil as a substituent for olive oil is great, putting in on your skin, in your hair, to whiten your teeth...this list goes on and on BUT that's for another day (Keep reading but for real - Google coconut oil later).

I've started to notice a difference in the size of my legs. My right leg is definitely more muscular than my left because I've been favoring it (Really missing my #SoccerLegs more than EVER).  You know, the legs you complain about not being able to get into skinny jeans because they're "too muscular"? Don't take them for granted! I'm already counting down the days until mine come back.

SGP was invited to the Nike Innovation Event in NYC and we were able to catch up with Meghan Rapinoe who is also recovering from ACL surgery. She gave me some great advice on how she deals with the mental and physical aspects of recuperation. Rapinoe is such a boss. She doesn't sit around and mope about her injury, she says she keeps herself busy with PT, Rapinoe Camps and work. This legend of a lady is an inspiration and I am so happy I was able to talk to her about the struggles of post ACL surgery. Staying positive and keeping busy is #key.


Talk to your physical therapist about an online program.. it's GENIUS and amazing for your recovery workouts. The one I'm using is

Practice walking in a mirror, you can focus more on moving your involved leg the correct way and get more successful reps in. 

When your icing at the end of PT, ask your physical therapist about russian stim.. I've been doing that while icing and it seems to be helping. 



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