Can You Believe It's The 10 Year Anniversary Of She's The Man?! Ten Things She's The Man Has Taught Me

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In honor of the 10th Anniversary of She's The Man, Team SoccerGrlProbs spent some time to reflect and realize what this hilarious film has actually taught us. Here are the top 10 things that we learned from Viola Hastings.

1) Eat More Cheese 
Sebastian has taught us to not only appreciate food more - but to broaden our cheese horizons (This is important in life). It's now safe to say, "Ma favorite's Guda".

2) Stick Up For Yourself
Viola ain't afraid to kick butt in a fitted dress...chances are we are already in sweatpants (which are made for sweating, by the way) what is our excuse? Unlike this hilarious fight scene, if there is a problem - solve it sooner rather than later, respectfully

3) You Don't Have To Act Lady-like.. To Be A Lady
Yes, especially right about this time of the year our mother's are telling us to wear dresses to Easter Sunday and chew with our mouths closed.. Although, we need to be respectful and appropriate in certain situations - you don't need to look like a "lady" to be considered a lady. Be yourself. 

4) Confidence Is Key
Hey... if you want to pretend to be a man, tryout for the men's team, find your way to a starting spot, get caught that you are a girl, then wear your hair down & score the winning goal with a bicycle kick? By ALL MEANS, please. Confidence is one of the most important attributes a person can have because it affects every aspect of life. If you have confidence, you can do anything. 

5) Positive Mentality & Self Talk Works
Sebastian, you're so wise (You're like a wise Budha covered in a men's bowl cut). When you are trying to get the courage to do something, say it to yourself that you can..and will.

6) You Don't Have To Wear Heels
I think this section will be pretty short. You can definitely wear heels that beautifully define your calves and if you can - We respect you...However, if you can't? Hey...Sebastian makes a pretty solid point (that I am going to use my excuse every time my team can go out):

7) Broaden Your Friends Group
You don't have to just hang out with your soccer friends! Make friendships with people who are in your class, on different teams or even in your neighborhood. Trust us, this will be even better in college when you can vent to your roommates and not have them go tell your coach! 

Plus, they too, may also like cheese..

8) That Every Line From The Movie Is Relevant
We think that we can all agree, every soccer girl on this planet has seen She's The Man and CAN NOT stop quoting it. C'mon, every single line can relate to every situation in life. Also - what's better than bonding over relatable content? Nothing. Speaking of hilarious and relatable - check out our clothing line at

9) Shake It Off
In life, you're going to get bummed out about things or hurt emotionally and physically. Bask in the pain for a short period and then build a bridge and get over it! Shake off these feelings because otherwise they will consume you! (Unless you are physically and seriously which you should seek help immediately - wish you the best).

10) It'll All Workout In The End
Remind yourself that you are human, you make mistakes, things happen - but if you work at it and tell yourself that it'll all workout in the will (OK ENOUGH with the sappy stuff.. how hot are Duke and Viola here? #Goals) 


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