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ACL Blog 5

I'm finally beginning to use weights! Well, about 10 pounds is about all I can handle but that's #progress. The hip flexion machine has been great at beginning to get my muscles growing again. As seen in the Vlog, it can be used in multiple ways to strengthen different areas. I am also doing balancing work in physical therapy, so far I have done one legged work on the half ball (which consisted of bending the left leg and focusing on moving the ankle/foot in circles and from side to side) and two leg balancing on the balance board. It still shocks me how I don't realize how off my balance is now until I do this. It makes me realize even though I can walk well now I still have a LONG journey to go and I can't get lazy with my rehab because it will hurt me in the long run (literally it will hurt during long runs). 

My physical therapist was happy that I reached our goal of 130 degree bend (not easy...extremly painful) but captioned me not to overuse my knee to much because that is why tendonitis can occur. I must say, figuring out the balance of daily activity is one of the hardest elements of this experience. For me I want to get back to my old self as soon as possible so I often see myself pushing the limits but than I worry about reinsuring and hurting it more and being stuck with tendonitis for my life so I pull back. It is a struggle that I continue to face and the only advice I can give is to just continue to listen to your body. Yes, we are athletes at heart and often want to exert ourselves but we need to know our limits when it comes to affecting our health! 

 On another note-- Our friends at Goals for Girls sent us some pictures and stories from their recent trip. (Check the out at A little about Goals for Girls- it is a non-profit that supports girls all over the world who want to play the game they love. There recent trip entailed a group of U.S. soccer players and former women's national team players traveling to India to meet an amazing group of female soccer players from India. The trip focuses on real Indian #soccergrlprobs... but in a serious way with the hopes of bringing advocacy and support to so many girls that want to play the sport out there. 

This picture below shows two incredible girls who both have knee injuries. The American girl, Kira, recently had ACL surgery and couldn't play on the trip but will be back in no time. Ekta, the Indian girl from Slum Soccer, also had a serious knee injury that is keeping her from playing. Difference is: Kira has full access to healthcare to fix her knee. Ekta does not have that luxury. She is from a slum area, has no health insurance, and if her parents did pay for her to have knee surgery, her family would be in debt for years and they would have to offset the cost somehow. Thus, Ekta will never have knee surgery ever. She will just live with her injured knee. That is a real soccer girl prob for her. It makes you realize how lucky we are to be able to have our injuries repaired and get the help we need after to make a full recovery while others may no be able to. Yes, having your ACL totally SUCKS but be grateful that you will one day play again. 


  • Ellie McNally posted on April 07 2016 at 07:04 PM

    ACL surgery sucks big time… but I’m so glad you’re doing well. Always continue to be cautious and know how to keep yourself safe. I tore mine a year ago at age fourteen and it was a huge emotional and physical battle that still gets me sometimes. I wish you luck for the future!

  • Emily Walters posted on April 08 2016 at 08:04 PM

    I had tendinitis once but it was really bad so I had to go through tons of therapy and even now it comes back all the time and is always a pain, my knee just tightens up if it’s straight for too long.

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