Why Soccer Players DOMINATE Easter Egg Hunts...

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In honor of this time of the year, we would love to dive into why soccer players have an advantage over others when competing in Easter Egg hunts. Family members may THINK that they had a chance this year.... but oh they didn't. We should have warned cousin Johnny, (who is 7 years old)...Welcome to the hunger games.. 
It doesn't matter if it is a race to get shotgun in the car or a card game - soccer players will bring out their competitive nature as if it is the World Cup Final. That's right, they'll take an Easter Egg hunt so seriously that you won't stand a chance at winning. Blood, sweat, tears - soccer players experience it all, especially if it's for Chocolate Cadbury eggs. 
Soccer players have speed & the ability to be agile out in the backyard. Sprinting to get an egg in a nearby tree, pivoting with speed to dive under a bush for another...The strength & endurance that we have for 90 minute games comes in handy when you are hunting for Easter eggs..SHOW NO MERCY.
Advantage #3: ANTICIPATION
In soccer, whether you are playing offense or defense, you need be to able to anticipate your team & opponent's next move. Easter Egg hunts are NO different. You see your little cousin Mary sprinting over to an Egg? You READ that run and you cut her off! You see your brother Harry eyeing another area in the backyard? You go SCOPE IT OUT FIRST! (Listen, don't make them cry - but if you do, it's nothing sharing your chocolate can't fix)

All your family members are probably dressed in suits, ties & dresses which may be hard to move around in...Chances are you're the one wearing shorts or pants - There is no excuse not to dive, dodge, dip, duck...and dodge (yes, that's a Dodgeball reference). 
Advantage #5: HUNGER
Although there are many other advantages soccer girl's may have during Easter Egg hunts, this one takes the cake (pun intended). Hunger DRIVES soccer players in every single aspect of life.. whether it is to win a game, to ace a test, to beat their teammate in a pie eating contest - soccer girl's utilize their hunger to achieve their goals. Also, soccer girl's are always hungry..sooooo that helps. 
Well, there you have it - we thought of FIVE advantages that soccer players have during Easter Egg Hunts..Can you think of more? Comment them below, we love hearing from you! For more hilarious content & apparel, check out

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