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Dear Ladyballer and family,

When we take second to take a step back from our crazy busy worlds on a perpetual loop of practice, working out, school, work and games and, the everyday blessings around us become incredibly apparent. We have our immediate families.

If you add up every ride to practice (especially the ones in the middle of nowhere), every time our uniforms were washed and folded waiting for us (even if those grass stains won't ever come out), or an extra water dropped off at our game; there are a million little things our loved ones do to show us they care each and every day.

Not only do we have our immediate family, but we have our soccer family; an extra couple of crazy unrelated family members who are with us through the blood, sweat and tears of the beautiful game we love. Each of our teammates feels like a sister or cousin we have shared memories that no one else can ever understand the ups and downs we have gone through as a group.

We've got friend's parents who are there for us as carpool-drivers and the team mom who throws the best pasta parties and all those who fill in for our parents when they can’t always be there; how lucky are we? 

On top of our own families and our soccer families, we have this crazy, world-wide ladyballer family. Yes it's true, we all have our own individual teams, but when you think about it, together we all make up one huge team who brings each other up a little bit each day and that is something we are truly grateful for! They seem like funny and insignificant things sometimes, but when we truly understand the magnitude of the way we can positively influence each other, this ladyballer family takes on a whole new meaning.

When a girl from California shares she's frustrated with her ACL recovery and a girl in Ohio can share her own ACL recovery experience and tips on how to get through it, or a girl from overseas posts herself tripping over her own two feet and a girl in NJ feels a little less embarrassed that it just happened in her last game and able to laugh it off, we are giving each other the power to rise above the problems and struggles we encounter every single day. 

We want you all to know how grateful we are for all of you. You help us laugh at our problems and feel like we’re not alone in the world!  We hope to continue to show you our thanks by evolving our brand to support you on every level and aspect of your soccer lives, both on and off the field!

When you wear our brand, we want you to walk with your head held high. We want you to feel a sense of confidence in your bones. We want you to look out for other females around you and to bring each other up. We want you to dig deep to get through that last 100-meter sprint at practice. We want you to take criticism & instruction with grace and the mindset of getting better each day. We want you to know that YOU are YOU and no one else. You are unique. You are inspiring. Your scrapes & bruises prove that you can endure anything; You can overcome obstacles. You get back up when you fall down. You can laugh at yourself. You can rise above your past mistakes.

When you wear our apparel, you represent an unwaveringly strong female community. A sisterhood. A movement. Thank you for being a part of it! 

See you out on the field,

Alanna, Carly and Shannon


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