Supporting SGP Small Business This Holiday Season

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When you're shopping this holiday season, just know that every single time an order comes in...

our hearts feel full (We may even do a little dance!)

The point is that we're downright grateful when you support our mission!

So whether your daughter or you have a season or not this year, we hope that our brand continues to empower Her to feel strong, confident, and fully supported in the sport.

Since we started in 2011, we have listened more and more each year to what Ladyballers want and need to feel their best.

With your feedback, you have helped us evolve into the one-stop-shop for female athletes everywhere.

 to continue using our large platform to help grow the women's game and provide the laughter and support young female athletes need to achieve their wildest soccer dreams.

We do this with so much love, 
From your teammates,
Carly, Alanna and Shannon

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