ACL Vlog 9

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ACL Vlog 9

Howdy Everyone! It's been crazy busy so sorry for the delay on any updates BUT I reached a HUGE milestone in my recovery. I JOGGED!!!! Yes that is correct. I almost cried of happiness haha. I am currently just beginning so the speed is a light jog (seriously probably a fast walk for some) around a 5.5-6 speed on a treadmill. I am allowed to do two to three rounds of walking for 5 minutes and running for 5 minutes. I feel like I have to relearn how to run the correct way and try not to favor my right leg. I would definitley say a tip is to have someone video you running from behind, the side and in front or if that's not possible run in front of a mirror. You may not realize it but you could be favoring a side or running differently then you feel. This will help you make the adjustments necessary. Also, I was told to begin on a treadmill instead of outside because it is safer because it's a controlled environment (my eighth  grade bio teacher would be so proud). 

I also have been doing lunges, squats and other exercises with a TRX band. If you gym has it I would definitely give it a try. It's a great way to get the most out of these lower body exercises without putting too much strain on your knee

If you have access to a stability ball try doing squats on the ball. You can have a partner have a pass with you using a light medicine ball to work on stability, core, and leg strength. Another great exercise on the stability ball, (as seen in the video) is the partner push- stay in a low squat position and have a partner push you from the waist up in different spots and directions, start easy and have the difficulty level increase as you get use to the it. You can try this for a 30-60 seconds 3 times

Until next time- XOXO SGP

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