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Do you see all of those U.S. women's national team players wearing that black sports vest on the OUTSIDE of their training kit? It's not just a new trend, it's STATSports' Apex Athlete Series GPS Soccer Tracker!

Athlete Series brand new ‘Apex’ is the most advanced performance-tracking device ever released. Apex integrates the latest technologies on the market like Google maps to create the most powerful and accurate tracking device on the market [Danggggg that's cool]. 

We're here to help you understand how the Apex Athlete series ups your game, big time. It's time to start tracking like a pro!

Are you Captain material? Do you cover more ground than your teammate? Do you make more sprints? Are you quicker? Create a leaderboard with your friends or teammates. Or go toe-to-toe with some of the fittest players on the planet with STATSports World Leaderboard. Let's talk benefits. 


This part is the coolest. After you're done with your practice, game or fitness sesh, you can download your entire session stats! The recap page is where you can analyze your metrics. 

  • Total Distance.
  • Max speed.
  • Sprint distance. 
  • # of sprints.
  • Current speed.
  • Step balance.
  • Decelerations.
  • Heart rate. [max, average]
  • Time in red zone [spent above 85% of max heart rate]


The Analysis tab allows you to see a 5-minute breakdown of two metrics throughout the duration of your session. Use this tool to see if you dropped the pace or finished string over the course of your session!


See exactly where you have been on the field with our mapping features. Heatmaps allow you to see your activity based on time spent in certain areas of the field. Each of the maps are dynamic and can be pressed to reveal further info [It's crazy to see how much surface area of the field that you cover]. 



You can truly utilize your metrics to your benefit! Monitoring these over the course of days, weeks and months helps coaches to periodize training and understand demands!


Training and match days. Wearing the units everyday paints a picture of what players are going through during exercise. Paying close attention to how these fluctuate throughout the course of the season can help monitor player outputs, manage training load and enhance performance!


Use our SoccerGrlProbs specific link to shop today! 

 The prize is worth over $400! GO SIGN UP


  • Emily McGrail posted on June 14 2019 at 06:06 AM

    I loooooovvvvveeeee soccer so much and believe that this training tool can help improve my game and help me work towards my goal of one day becoming apart of the using.

  • Maddie Jones posted on June 14 2019 at 07:06 AM

    Hi! I think that it’s so cool that you are giving away technology that will majorly improve someone’s playing ability. Whoever wins is extremely lucky! I hope it could be me! I’m a freshman in high school and I play attacking center mid. I think it would be amazing to win because everyone’s game has holes that can always be fixed with hard work! My biggest hole is my speed lol so this would be perfect! Anyways, have a great rest of your day!

  • Lipika R posted on June 14 2019 at 08:06 AM

    Damn, I always wondered what the girls had on cause you could see it slightly poking This is so cool!
    I really hope I win the contest, this would be of so much help during my practice sessions
    Whoever gets it will have an amazing time using it, I’m sure

    P .S. A huge fan of Mal and would die to get a signed t-shirt 😭

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