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Exploring Adidas Soccer’s Mercury Center

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Exploring Adidas Soccer’s Mercury Center
SGP was lucky enough to travel to Los Angeles and check out Adidas Soccer's Mercury Center! It was awesome to play on the black turf pitch that was built inside of a plane hanger. The Pure Chaos cleats were soft as butter, we didn't have to go through the typical process of breaking in new cleats, right away we felt comfortable in our new boots. The Mercury Center was built around showcasing creativity in soccer which goes hand in hand with the Adidas campain #FirstNeverFollows. Adidas soccer is all about being a leader and unique individual and with that comes creativity and creating epic firsts. 

The interactive screen (in the picture above) allowed us to shoot at moving targets which was challenging and a ton of fun, it later became the big screen that we watched the USMNT play in a Copa America match. We invited five local fans to come watch with us. 

All around an amazing weekend at the new Mercury Center thanks to Adidas Soccer! Everyone go get your own pair Pure Chaos boots, we promise you, you will not regret it! 


Alanna Locast

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