Fun Teambuilding Activities for Soccer Teams

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Fun Teambuilding Activities for Soccer Teams

When engaging in team sports such as soccer, the importance of cultivating positive communication, team spirit, and cohesion cannot be understated. Both organised events and casual hangouts are great ways for soccer teams of all ages and ability levels to learn each other’s strengths off the pitch. Following is a variety of activities through which soccer teams can have fun together and enhance their collective performance in real games.

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School-age and up Teambuilding

Fun is the key word for younger players. Teambuilding activities must be engaging and enjoyable while boosting trust and communication. There are tons of activities and games that require little if any equipment or supplies.

One such game is Human Knot. Here’s how to play:

  1. Have everybody stand in a circle.
  2. Everybody raises their right hand, and grabs the hand of somebody across the circle, excluding those immediately adjacent.
  3. Then repeat with the left hand, making sure they grab a different persons’ hand.
  4. They now need to try to untangle themselves to form a circle without breaking the chain of hands.
  5. Participants must communicate verbally and take their time untangling themselves in order to avoid injury.
  6. The objective is to use communication and teamwork to undo the knot of people and end up back in an unbroken circle. Some people might be facing outwards and others inwards, but as long as you form a circle you can call it a win!

Ouch! Is a fun soccer game for kids to improve coordination and ball skills. To prepare, mark out an approximately 20 x 30-yard area and give each player a ball. The coach/coaches jog around the play area at varying speeds. Players must dribble and try to kick their balls to strike the coach, who yells “ouch!” upon being struck. Each hit earns a point! Encourage players to keep their heads up while dribbling, and to vary their kicking styles.

Other fun team games for all ages include scavenger hunts, blindfold activities and the classic egg drop challenge. All of that problem-solving is bound to work up some appetites, so how about a pizza night to cap it all off and cement those bonds?

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Fun Activities for 20s to 30s Soccer Teams

With adult soccer teams, relationships are key. If your team members don’t yet know each other well, some ice-breaker activities are a fun way to start building trust.

Two Truths, One Lie is a favourite for getting more familiar with each other whilst also having fun. Here’s how it works:

  1. Have everybody stand in a circle.
  2. The first person states two truths about themselves and one lie. The truths and lies can be anything, but unusual personal facts or funny past events are some of the things that work best.
  3. The group then votes by a show of hands which statements they think are true and which is a lie. Rinse and repeat around the circle, for laughs and revelations.

Bees and Wasps is a fun soccer game that helps to develop team communication. In the center of a 30 x 30-yard area, place a soccer ball balanced on a cone. The group is split up into equal groups of “bees” and “wasps”. The wasps each have their own ball, and they are tasked with knocking the “honey” (the central ball) off the “honeycomb” (the cone). The bees must communicate to defend the honey, and wasps earn a point for every ball they knock down. When the honey is knocked off, the bees must move the cone and ball to a different place within the square. Add more honeycombs to increase the challenge, and swap roles every few minutes to keep the buzz going.

Once everybody is more comfortable with each other, outdoor activities are fantastic for building team morale. Adventure sports like whitewater rafting, surfing and kayaking are ideal for getting adrenaline pumping. Bungy jumping is not for the faint-hearted, but it could be just the thing to make teammates feel invincible ahead of the next match.

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40+ Post-Match Social Events

For older teammates, group bonding while maintaining physical fitness is paramount. A way of keeping each other motivated could be to visit the gym as a group and share fitness goals. Flexibility is important, so a group yoga or Pilates class might be just the thing to keep bodies supple and team wellbeing high.

For a more cerebral, indoor challenge, escape rooms have become hugely popular in recent years. With a range of different themes and difficulties on offer, solving these giant immersive puzzles is a great way to develop mutual trust and collaborative strategy skills.

For a celebration event that doesn’t break the bank, how about holding a potluck dinner? Everybody has at least one recipe that they love to show off, so have each person bring their best dish so everybody can enjoy an eclectic feast. Breaking bread is a time-honoured way to bond with others, whether it’s family, friends or a sports team. Share the love!

Fun-loving creative writer Harper loves sports and the great outdoors. Her bubbly personality and passion for her craft have given her numerous opportunities to collaborate with awesome blogs and local sites such as Jumpflex NZ. She would love to hear from you - drop by her Tumblr page anytime!


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