How To Be an Optimistic Ladyballer During Lock Down

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Practices are cancelled

Games are cancelled

Showcases are cancelled

Seasons have been postponed

This is every LadyBaller’s WORST nightmare! 

Our daily routines have really taken a shift. No rushing, no 6:00 am workouts, no pregame pasta parties, or team slumber parties, and lastly, everyone’s fav, no fitness tests.

This is all so new to us.

With all these cancellations, it is very likely you feel overwhelmed with the prospect of reaching your long-term goals. Maybe, you’re anxious about how to make that higher team. Or, you’re worried about how to showcase yourself for recruitment to universities you have dreamt about since you scored your first competitive goal. 

This is totally normal and it’s OK to feel anxious right now!

Since the pandemic had taken over the world in March, Canada has been in and out of lockdowns. For myself, it was extremely weird not to be playing soccer. Soccer has been my life for the longest time. It had taken up most of my evenings and was a way to escape life doing something I love. Now, all of sudden, it was gone. I faced countless days aimlessly wondering how I could still reach my goals as a Ladyballer. There was even a long period of time where I didn’t have the motivation to get up and train. My identity felt like it was stripped away from me. I was feeling unhappy and discouraged. I’d never felt like this before.  

What I failed to realize was that I’d have to change my mentality. Slowly and surely, I began to alter it. Before I knew it, I began to see some results. 

Let’s talk about how your approach towards these difficult times can be a REAL game changer! Below, are a couple of ways you can remain positive during this hard time! 

  1. Writing Down A Small Goal For BADASS LadyBaller Results

I get it! Looking at the larger picture may be stressful, so let’s break it down.

Write down a small goal you have for each day on pencil and paper. Once it’s on paper, you’ll be thinking about it constantly! Use a sticky note and put it somewhere you’ll have to pass multiple times a day.

I know I know, you’re probably thinking:

“Can’t I just write them out on a device, no one uses paper and pen anymore?”

But, trust me, using paper, it’s far more beneficial AND a nice little throwback. Using your hands to physically do something makes it real. It turns a dream into a goal.

These daily or weekly goals you have written down can contribute to a larger weakness you may want to focus on. 


“I want to get 5000 touches on the ball through juggling per day” ← If I do this consistently 7 days a week, I can get 35,000 touches on the ball JUST through juggling. This can crispen up my first touch making it firmer, allowing me to be a better athlete on the pitch!

If you can get 1% better every day, progress adds up. Before no time, you’ll see BIG results! As you see small improvements, you’ll feel motivated to push for more!

  1. Alleviating the “What Ifs”

During a time of uncertainty, it is completely normal to ask yourself many “what if” questions. It’s important to understand that these questions drown our heads with scenarios that may not even occur. They get our minds worrying about situations for no reason. 

Let’s try to alleviate these thoughts as best as possible. 

To do so, get out a sheet of paper, again, using our old school methods! Write out exactly the “what if” scenarios you are thinking of.

Be honest with yourself. By writing them out, it sends these thoughts out of the mind allowing yourself to be less concentrated on the negativity and overall, to move on. 

The below could be potential “what if” statements that you may find yourself writing down. Remember, nothing is wrong here! Write what you feel!

  • “What if I don’t get into my dream school?” 
  • “What if I don’t make that team I was working towards playing for?” 
  • “What if I am not the team captain?” 
  • “What if I get injured the first couple of sessions when I go back preventing me from playing soccer?”

Now that they’re all on paper crumple them up and throw that paper out. Those “what if” statements can’t hurt you or stop you from getting to those goals. If you have a fireplace throw it in there for effect (with a guardian present if needed). Let the negativity go!

Now that you’ve done that grab another piece of paper and start writing down your dreams and goals in “what if” statements.

  • “What if I get into my number one school?” 
  • “What if I make team captain?” 
  • “What if I make it to the national team?” 

Stick that positive “What if” list on your bedroom wall. Add to it every time something pops up. “What ifs” work both ways. It’s ok to have moments of doubt and stress. It’s how we deal with that doubt and stress that makes the difference. Go crush it!

  1. Creating YOUR Dream Board 

A “dream board” is a visual representation of your future ambitions. You can create a dream board by painting a cork board the colour of your choice and adding quotes, athletes, or even teams that inspire you or wish to play for. You can get creative with this and make it your own! Add different decorative pieces to spice it up. You can keep it simple as well, printing images from the internet or cutting them out of a magazine and making a poster for your bedroom wall.

A visual representation of your goals is amazing because it is a constant reminder for something to work towards when you lose motivation.

Check out this example dream board found below:

Make your goals tangible, something that you see and read daily. This could even mean surrounding yourself with positive messages on social media. Sometimes social media can bring us down. Instead, use it as a way to push you forward. Fill your feed with your favourite players and trainers. 

Lastly, remind yourself to not be too hard on yourself. Negativity and doubts can push into our minds without even realizing it. If you’re having a rough day or sad day don’t punish yourself for it. Take the day off. Watch your favorite movies or spend the day reading. Indulge in a favorite meal. Days off are OK! They reset us to get back to work.

However you are handling this pandemic remember you are not alone, reach out to your community, your family, and your friends. Keep those connections alive, share how you’re feeling and how you’re doing. Be kind to yourself during this time. Be kind to others as well. 

You can do this!


About the contributor: Alaina Kristina Tsimicalis (@a.kris13)


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