How To Get Recruited During A Pandemic with College Athletic Advisor, Dave Morris

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Join SoccerGrlProbs & College Athletic Advisor, Dave Morris in our FREE 7-day email series to help give advice & actionable steps to Ladyballers looking to get recruited to play in college!

Who is this for?

This email series is for the ladyballer who is looking for support with recruiting during a pandemic! She wants to leverage her soccer talent to reach her goals of playing college soccer! She is ready to share her story and connect with colleges where she will be a triple threat student-athlete: fierce on the field, focused academically and contributing to her community.


How much does it cost?

This is a FREE 7-day email series! There is no cost to you at all. 


How does this work?

As soon as you sign up, you will receive one email each day (for 7 days in a row.) The emails will provide tons of knowledge and resources, created by College Athletic Advisor, Dave Morris, to further support your recruiting process!

Don't wait to be one step closer to finding the perfect college for you! Join our FREE 7-day email series!

*Double check the spelling of your email!

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