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How to Meet Your 2017 Soccer Goals

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A Soccer Girl's New Year’s Resolution 
How to Meet Your 2017 Goals
Let's be real, New Years resolutions are rarely kept. Our strict diets end in three days when someone brings donut holes to class. Our vow to not curse is dunzo when we miss a wide open shot (hey, don't do that though!). Our soccer goals are tough to keep, especially with our crazy schedules as student athletes. Trust us we know how difficult it is balancing school work and soccer. Here are some tips from SoccerGrlProbs to making and successfully keeping your 2017 goals!
1. Write Them Down
Once you've defined WHAT your goals are write them down on a piece of paper, in your phone, in your locker, on your bathroom mirror, on your sleeping teammates face (JK!). Any place that you look at daily so you keep yourself accountable for making the right moves and steps to achieve those goals. 

2. Long Term & Short Term Steps

Your goals no matter how big or small will have challenges to them. Think about how to achieve them over time. What steps do you have to take to achieve those goals? Take that BIG goal of yours and split it up into tiny goals that you can accomplish one by one! This could be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Thinking big picture is great but it won't just happen without doing the small steps along the way. 

3. Keep a Positive Attitude

A positive attitude on the field is important and having one off the field is just as important.  You can't succeed without the right attitude. That crappy attitude will slowly drain you and those around you. You'll enjoy the journey to your goal that much more with a positive mindset. Instead of thinking "I have conditioning today, this sucks", start to try and think "Today is an opportunity to get better." Overtime this will become a habit and get easier to think. Remember, "practice makes perfect."

4. Team Work

Tell your teammates your goals. Saying that out-loud to others will make you feel accountable to follow through on them. Your teammates (if they are good teammates) will be there to support and help you achieve your goals and may even join you in getting after them. That goes the other way too! Help your teammates achieve their goals. Be a support system for each other just like you do in a game. Every team member has strengths and weaknesses and using each others strengths to reach your goals is beneficial for everyone!

5. Mistakes-Don't Sweat It

You're not perfect, no one is (Except Alex Morgan maybe). You are going to make mistakes and have set backs trying to achieve your goal. Brush it off and get back on the field.  Learn ways to decrease your stress level and not let mistakes affect what you want to achieve. Remember, you're a strong, fierce ladyballer-You got this! 

6. Relax, Hit Pause

Your life is already demanding as a student athlete and on top of that you now are being a bad a** and trying to achieve even more. We applaud you for that, BUT don't forget to give yourself a little "me time". By that we mean hit pause on your goal reaching and watch Netflix for 30 minutes, or read a book, or hang with friends. A little time to decrease stress will help you hit play and focus even more during the rest of your crazy, hectic busy day. 

In the end remember goals are great to have and you may not achieve every single one of them. So pick a couple that are the most important to you and get started! Get it Girl! 


Alanna Locast

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