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Destined To Be Teammates; How Two Strangers from Vietnam Found Themselves Playing for the Same US Team!

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Recently, we had two Ladyballer best friends reach out to us with a wonderful (and kinda crazy) story about how their worlds collided!
Meet Caley and Quinn. They were both born in small towns in Vietnam, however, Caley was born in Da Nang while Quinn was born in Hoi An (just 45 minutes away from each other). LISTEN TO THIS! They were then both taken to the same orphanage in Da Nang, called Holt International (which is an adoption agency that helps children who are orphaned and abandoned find a home, and they currently have connections with 13 different countries to adopt from). 

Caley was adopted when she was 10 months old while Quinn was adopted when she was one-years-old. They were both separately adopted into loving families in Portland Oregon. NOW, they are both seniors, who go to the same high school (Grant High School), play on the same high school and club soccer team, coach kids camps for the Portland Timbers and Thorns, and both tore THEIR ACLs this year. Quinn tore her left one in their last season's high school soccer game and Caley re-tore her right one while skiing (the first time was from soccer).

CAN YOU GUYS BELIEVE THIS STORY? They were destined to be best friends! 
Caley and Quinn told us that while rehabbing from an injury is NO FUN, they are extremely lucky that they have each other to lean on for support. We absolutely loved this story and feel that us soccer girls have an extreme sense of sisterhood and support. C'mon, tell us that you DON'T have 18-24 best friends.... Blood-related or not, no one can break our bonds!

Thank you to Quinn McGranaghan @quinny8 and Caley Carlson @caleycarlson for sharing your story! If you know a teammate or fellow Ladyballer with an incredible story to tell, email us at! 


Alanna Locast

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