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Sports changes everything, don't you agree?

As athletes, we dream bigger.

Work harder - Communicate better - Push further - Drive deeper - And simply do everything with more blood, sweat, and tears.

We get used to pushing ourselves to be better and working towards something greater than ourselves.

We prioritize our schoolwork and studies that much more, which makes us smarter.

We get comfortable being uncomfortable, which is crucial in on and off the field and beyond sport..

We always wonder, if we quit playing soccer when we were younger, would we have dreamed as big?

We would have achieved as much?

Would we be who we are destined to be?

We got to sit down with Alyssa Naeher, USWNT goalkeeper, and 2019 World Cup Champion this past weekend in Chicago. We discussed with her how incredible the role of sport has been in her success on and off the field.

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